Carlos Fuentes is dead
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Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes died today. (NYT Obituary)

The writer of The Old Gringo, The Death of Artemio Cruz, Aura, and countless other novels, essays, screenplays died today in Mexico City, aged 83.
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Last year I had the truly odd experience of walking through Montparnasse cemetery in Paris and bumping into his grave (prepared in advance).
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His canon.
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One of my favorite quotes (from How I Started to Write): “You start by writing to live. You end by writing so as not to die. Love is the marriage of this desire and this fear.”

Another good quote I discovered today: "When your life is half over, I think you have to see the face of death in order to start writing seriously. There are people who see the end quickly, like Rimbaud. When you start seeing it, you feel you have to rescue these things. Death is the great Maecenas, Death is the great angel of writing. You must write because you are not going to live any more."

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And a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and the Latin American Commission before that.
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The English translation of his latest book, Vlad, is coming out in July. It has vampires.

RMS: What has been the influence of Faulkner on your work?

CF: We have a saying: Latin American literature began in Mississippi.

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He was a very great man and I loved his work. Sorry that he is gone.

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met him during my years as a grad student at NYU. as a lecturer & writer of literary criticism the guy was insanely well researched & just talented. most of my professors were sitting in his lectures taking notes like everybody else.

the beauty of Fuentes was that he made deconstruction a necessity of Latin American Studies. he really made you think of our culture in a universal way by the way he picked it apart and analyzed it.

que descanses en paz, Carlos.

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He has been such an omni-present figure it was so hard to believe he would ever disappear. I'm stunned.

He was my professor in college. I even kept and scanned the syllabus.

Everyone in class loved him and admired him. He could be extremely witty and silly and oh so literate and learned and wise.
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vacapinta: my jealousy, I cannot contain it. Thank you for saving that syllabus. I can only imagine what those classes were like...


To you, Carlos. We will try and keep the fountain bubbling.
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A gentleman.

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I feel embarrassed to admit this but I have not ever heard of him and I consider myself a fairly well read individual. What style/author would he best be compared to? Murakami, Naipaul, GGM, Bolano? Any place I should begin?

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His last editorial piece for grupo Reforma (in Spanish) were he writes about incoming French president Francois Hollande: "Viva el Socialismo. Pero... (parte2)", published the day of his death.
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Any place I should begin?

Chac Mool by Carlos Fuentes
Translated by Jonah Katz
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Aura was the first Fuentes I really got into. Fell in love with it, taught it many times.
He'll be missed.
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Gracias Senor Fuentes. I must read you again.

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He was one of my favorites.

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