That one guy is Mr. Hagney from my Chem 100 class and I love that dude. You totally rock, Mr. Hagney!
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Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. If you were too busy looking forward to have time to appreciate a teacher, it's still not too late to appreciate the teachers behind the students.
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I wonder what are these kids are talking about...
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I wonder what are these kids are talking about

"...history teacher Mike Penney invited his students to reflect on ups and downs of the school year that was — all while secretly sneaking his fellow teachers into the background to do some stealth disco."
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What a great bunch of teachers.
looks like its going viral...
love it!
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I couldn't hear the students because the music was too loud.
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I am grading and grumpy. This helps.
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Before his teachers came along, my combative autistic son pointed and grunted for things and hit me and himself in frustration. He's now a sweet little guy who tells me he can't go to school today because the school is broken and he's sleepy. They're miracle workers.
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Shit. I need to get something for my son's teachers. Thanks for reminding me.

For the song, all I kept thinking was Whitney doing coke.
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YouTube is blocked at school. Frown.
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absalom: Try taking the full youtube address you're trying to get to, and make the front bit say "https://" instead of "http://"

In this case:!

That may defeat the youtube blocking.
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