"Framing them forever as they munch, invade, race, battle and bleep their way around planet EARTTTTTHHHHHH!"
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8-bitscapes : Artist Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson take cityscapes and add in elements from classic videogames with delightful results.

Highlights include:

Mario Kart Banana PeelSwarmPac ManhattanKongSonic in Koln
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These are not as cool as I was expecting. They look like stock photos and the 8-bit graphics add nothing to them. Maybe if the graphics were not intentionally pixelated, but rendered with realism, they might create something more exciting, but I doubt it.

Just seems like a mediocre idea moderately well executed.
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I wonder which 8-bit system capable of voxel rendering they were thinking of when they made these.
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I was a little disappointed too. Still, "Achtung! Hedgehog" is a sign I wish I had. That thing is adorable. (Though it should probably say, "Achtung! Igel!")
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Just seems like a mediocre idea moderately well executed.

I'd say the reverse.
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Well, I know that I found this one to be quite effective. It makes feel a physical sense of anxiety for the driver.
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I wonder which 8-bit system capable of voxel rendering they were thinking of when they made these.

There's at least one almost 8-bit game in 3D, although it's not voxel-based. So, the answer is "probably not the game I just linked."
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I think, with just a little more time spent matching the color palette, sharpness and perspective of the 3d objects with the photos, they'd be a lot more effective in. They're almost there! Pac Man in NY may be the most effective, but,for example, the banana peel on the road is too saturated and the space invaders in the cloud are too sharp.
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wow, note to self, don't post with your phone
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the banana peel on the road is too saturated and the space invaders in the cloud are too sharp.

Not to mention: direction of lighting doesn't match in a couple and it doesn't look like the CG elements are picking up colors from their surroundings. Shoulda used a chrome ball etc.
They also made their lives a lot easier by avoiding shallow depth of field most of the time.
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Wow you people are hard on this. You're adding 8-bit graphics to photos, did you expect it to look realistic?

I really like the idea and love the way it was executed. But I also didn't have any preconceived notions as to what I wanted it to look like.

great job!
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(I was sad not to see Rampage-style monsters banging the shit out of new york skyscrapers.)
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I believe you're looking for the pornographic parody This Ain't 8-bitscapes XXX.
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I'm a bit confused as to why they didn't make actual sculptures of videogame characters and place them in the environments. Obviously the scale of some (like the Pac Man ghost) would be impossible, but the Mario Kart banana peel would have made more sense to do practically.
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@Elbows - ...because that's not their medium?
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I don't want it to be realistic per se, because the central aim of the project isn't pure realism, and it would be unfair to judge it on anything but its own terms. But the project requires some concession to realism to work effectively because it leans heavily on illusion, and some more time spent on a few things here and there could accomplish it. Like those Sonic in Koln ones - nothing else in those photos catches light and casts shadow in the same way that the 3d models do, and in the third Sonic in Koln piece the checkerboard pattern is just plopped down on the grass with no regard for how grass works, but there's nothing but time and attention to detail stopping it from blending better, from being a more cohesive whole.

...and none of that's to say that they're bad! I actually like the project. The Pac Man in NYC one is very good, I like the mood of the Zelda piece, and the Frogger one is very striking. It's just, like... the idea is to blend two worlds, but they're not quite blending, and it undercuts the themes of the pieces by almost-but-not-quite meeting its own terms. Good could be better, quality could jump across the board, for very little extra effort.
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Cubes and pixels do not an 8 bit make.
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I prefer Nullsleep's Romscapes from a few years ago.
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Coincidentally, this showed up on Kotaku today.
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Royksopp's video for Happy Up Here does a similar kind of thing - but with somewhat better production values.
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Since when are Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit games? I guess Pac-Man and Donkey Kong are technically 8-bit, but they're not really what people are usually thinking of when they refer to "8-bit" games (i.e. NES games).

And the photos themselves don't really have an 8-bit look to them.

I get the feeling the artist has heard the term "8-Bit" before and just thinks it means "older video games."
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Two Sonic games were released for the Master System, Sega's 8-bit console.

But yeah, these photos are horrible and a fairly transparent attempt on the part of the photographer/artist to cash in on the "retro game" craze. Unfortunately, the execution sucks, the photos are boring and 3D models aren't 8-bit graphics.

Also, those prices are hilarious.
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