It All Looks the Same!
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Evoke - a game of creating symmetry by identifying differences.

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I got to the end! I liked how the cursor is also mirrored - I didn't have to agonize whether I'm supposed to select the side without the extra dot, or the side with the extra dot, it just selects both!
posted by The Biggest Dreamer at 10:32 AM on May 18, 2012

Being pants at online games I never thought I'd say this but... it's too easy! Good fun though.
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It's a curious mixture of things that are incredibly easy to spot and things that seem to require tweaking the contrast of your monitor and then squinting at it from about an inch away. I much preferred 6 differences, although the imagery in Evoke is nice.
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There also seems to be a bug whereby muting the sound skips to the next level.
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Aww, it's a spot-the-differences game where you can't cheat by crossing your eyes and seeing what has a magic-eye effect!
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Neat. Now I want the ibis level as a background for my monitor.
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rivenwanderer: I thought I was the only one!
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Been through a couple of levels -- when is Shylock Fox going to show up?

But seriously, it's neat and very pretty -- though it has shown me exactly how much I need to clean this laptop's monitor (I usually use on a docking station) -- it's filthy.
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My screen is dirty and I am clicking a lot of dirty spots.
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I was good at it for the first two levels... but then I kept on getting distracted by the swirls on the 3rd and couldn't make it any further.
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Am I the only one who clicked the mute icon five or six times before realizing it was a mute icon and not part of the game? I don't have sound, ok!?
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That was fun albeit a tad on the easy side. Loved the music though - it reminded me of the music from The Dig or Torin's Passage.
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This game should be called 'No, Seriously, Clean Your Monit... NO NOT LIKE THAT GOOD GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU EWWWWWW UGH ERRRR. STOP IT. Stop it. Just. Stop it. Please. Ok, look, tomorrow we're going out to get some proper monitor wipes, ok? We can play this then NO NOT LIKE THAT. I TOLD YOU ALREADY OH FFS.'
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That was fun, it's been a long time since I've actually paid attention to a spot the difference game, because of that crossed-eye trick rivenwanderer mentions. It was a shame they didn't make the EVOKE logo completely mirrored though, I think you could probably come up with a K/V which worked both ways.
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