Laying the smack down on some hoe
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Laying the smack down on some hoe has never been funner. Playing this turn-based game is even more enjoyable by the "real-time" aspect. You can be notified via ICQ when you are being attacked, and likewise for your victims. If you are bored at work, this game can ease your pain.
posted by da5id (19 comments total)
Oh, man. Now that is entertaining. Word should have done this instead of SiSSYFiGHT. Would have been much more fun.
posted by endquote at 6:34 PM on March 30, 2000

Josh, what's your pimp name so I can jack your ride and your women?
posted by mathowie at 7:34 PM on March 30, 2000

Heh... Who's up for forming a blogger cartel? With our combined strengths we can bring to its knees (and restore order to the hood?)
posted by ratbastard at 7:52 PM on March 30, 2000

My pimp name is *so* hard to guess... groan.

The game is pretty cool, though. Too bad it seems like it gets reset frequently. When it's outta beta someone should do a sweet little GUI for it... maybe some DHTML, yeah... yum. =p
posted by endquote at 8:29 PM on March 30, 2000

so what do you do when you run out of turns?
posted by stefnet at 8:32 PM on March 30, 2000

Ok.. I have 2 2-page papers due in a few hours, and I just lost an awful amount of time playing this thing. thanks... and yeah, what happens when you run out of turns? Once I hit 69, i figured it was a good time to stop.
posted by UWliberal at 9:49 PM on March 30, 2000

when you run out of turns, you wait a while...
I'm thinking it's really, really, really appropriate to have a linksluts blogger cartel :) who's ya daddy?
posted by Neale at 9:58 PM on March 30, 2000

I'm in favor of a cartel. Should we have some sort of ending in our names? e.g. hobbes-blog
posted by hobbes at 12:32 AM on March 31, 2000

for the linksluts cartel, i'm in.

Count De Boot
posted by deboute at 2:20 AM on March 31, 2000

Like Josh, my pimp handle is really easy to figure out. If anybody wants to form a cartel, you know where to reach me.
posted by ratbastard at 5:06 AM on March 31, 2000

I'm in even though I'm not a linkslut :). My pimp name is H.P. Cuddlejet.
posted by stefnet at 5:35 AM on March 31, 2000

I'm not a linkslut, either. Maybe a MF cartel? MF!
posted by hobbes at 8:53 AM on March 31, 2000

You get 6 turns an hour, or 144 turns a day...

just wait a couple of hours and you should have more turns.

I am having fun laying the smack down on other pimps... I have whacked 6 so far in drive-by shootings...
posted by da5id at 9:11 AM on March 31, 2000

I can't believe I'm playing this thing.

And then I find out zannah is in on the gig, too.

blogger cartel, whoo hoo.. "ham man"

posted by rich at 1:40 PM on March 31, 2000

Can't believe I just paid out $1000 to have some hoez infected with disease.
Is this a great game, or what? Anyone who wants to join and organised crime ring, email
posted by Neale at 2:56 PM on March 31, 2000

oh shit. sugar dick daddy (currently #10 just declared war on me... help... a couple of drive buys from people with cars wouldn't go astray.
posted by Neale at 4:17 PM on March 31, 2000

Neale, I can't find Sugar Dick Daddy, but I just killed pimp #10 with a driveby.
posted by mathowie at 4:39 PM on March 31, 2000

Sugar Dick Daddy's Id is 199. I'm Sugar Daddy, so don't get mixed up.
Since he declare war on my hoez I take 1 lowrider and 9 hoez from him.
I think I've found a non-stop way of stealing at least 2 hoez in 6 turns from any pimp.
And I live for revenge.

posted by Neale at 6:16 PM on March 31, 2000

Sugar Dick Daddy has called of his war, and joined the linkslut cabal.
Next on the list is Top Dog #91. Bastard stole my hoez.

posted by Neale at 3:03 AM on April 1, 2000

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