A History of Zamrock: Zambia's mix of tribal patterns, heavy rock, blues and psychedelic from the 1970s
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Zamrock is a largely forgotten musical movement, born from a newly independence still trying to find stability. The sound is a mix of local sounds with heavy, bluesy and psychedelic rock, usually sung in English, the constitutional language for Zambia. Unfortunately, little of the history is written, and those who were there are fewer each year. Last year, Emmanuel Kangwa “Jagari” Chanda, the co-founder and lead singer for WITCH (We Intend To Cause Havoc), was interviewed for two hours (Vimeo; transcript; source) and recorded a radio show with 14 Zamrock tracks. The South African newspaper Mail & Guardian have an article with more history and interview snippets with Jagari, whose stage name is an Africanisation of Mick Jagger's name. (via) posted by filthy light thief (16 comments total) 40 users marked this as a favorite
brilliant as usual FLT
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That Now-Again 6LP Witch box set is about to come out, too.
posted by box at 12:17 PM on May 21, 2012

I'd like to add Blackfoot's The Foot Steps (full album on that Youtube account). If you don't feel great after listening to those songs then you probably need brain surgery.
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This is great!
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See also: Lost tracks of President-for-Life officially approved smooth jazz-funk from Mauritania.
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Amazing post.
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box, Now-Again was the source of this post. They (re)release some amazing stuff from around the world, and do a damned fine job of it.

And if you're looking for more Zambrock bands, or related sounds in general, you can jump around links on Discogs, from the album links provided here. There are so many interesting old bands, and new labels focused on bringing these bands to new listeners. I just came across the Shadoks Music label discography page, which looks like a huge time-sink of finding sample tracks on YouTube and elsewhere.
posted by filthy light thief at 1:09 PM on May 21, 2012

Great post, great music.
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Julian Cope has been tied up with other stuff, but I'm sure he'll be coming out with a book on this soon.
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theodolite, thanks for those links. In the radio show, Jagari talks about the relationship between Blackfoot and other Zambian groups. And with that, let me emphasize that the "radio show" is more than a convenient place to hear 14 Zamrock tracks, but also learn a lot about the musicians and the history behind the music. Jagari shares a lot of really keen insight into the music.
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Dunno how I missed that 'via.' Thanks for this post, flt!
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YESSS! Great post! I love WITCH! Thank you.
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I had never heard of Zamrock until two days ago, when Aquarium Drunkard did a blog post on Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family. The Wikipedia describes it as a combination of Jimi Hendrix psychedelia and James Brown funk.
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Wait. African-flavoured psych-rock from the 70s...

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Should you happen to be in the UK, Amazon has the new 4 CD set from NowAgain for just £10 delivered.

For the majority of you outside the EU, that'd be about £8.50 plus shipping.

A bargain.
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This is fantastic, thanks so much for the post.
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