We Survived.
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One year ago today, a tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri. Photographer Robert X. Fogarty's "Dear World" project commemorates the survivors of that day with two galleries of portraits. Each survivor has a short message written on his or her skin: "I survived Joplin's EF-5." "Together these work miracles." "Survived."
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Those are extremely moving.

.. for Lorie and Glen Holland, who died that day.
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Thanks for this. We live close to Joplin and still hear about the recovery usually at least once every couple weeks but this is great to see.
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Thanks. Most of my wife's family is from Joplin and the surrounding region.

The season is upon us again. If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, and don't already have one, please, please consider purchasing a SAME-equipped weather alert radio. Mine is set for my county and the next one over, since that's the direction from which the bad weather usually rolls in. It's mounted on the wall out of the way with a local map tucked behind it so we can track things and figure out if we're in the path. Five years here and we're still learning the names of all the local hamlets.
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I went to high school in Joplin for a year in the 90s, and I see someone I knew in one of those photos. I am glad she is alive.
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"Survived" got me. If there's a better visual representation of the total terror that is fatherhood, I haven't seen it yet.
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I live pretty close to Joplin, and have been dreading the images that I knew would be back in the media today. These totally make up for those I do not wish to see again.
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You need not live in Tornado Alley for a good alarm-equipped weather radio to be helpful. We were hit by a middle-of-the-night derecho a few years back and it made a huge difference.

Terrible things can happen to anyone at any time. It is good to be reminded that when the chips are down, it's all about community, generosity and the strength we get from each other.

Good photos. Thanks for posting.
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I'm a Joplin native. Thanks for posting.
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Very moving. Thanks for sharing. Was going to make a separate post for this, but it seems more appropriate here: the President addresses the Joplin H.S. graduating class of 2012.
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These are wonderful to see.

I have ' Storm Country-The Anthology' by the Missouri Writers Guild.70 Short stories and poems, dealing with the topic of weather. All proceeds went towards books and learning materials for the Joplin School libraries and Teacher Resource Center. The Joplin Public Library stood, but libraries of 4 schools and the district's Teacher Resource Center were destroyed. The Anthology was part of the Joplin Book Drive.

The stories within are awesome. Thanks for the reminder.
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