Ashcroft issues new policy on FOIA requests
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Ashcroft issues new policy on FOIA requests that rescinds a 1993 policy that made it somewhat harder for federal agencies to refuse requests for public records. No surprise, especially given the current situation, but the interesting part is the rationale: Ashcroft cites national security, the effectiveness of law enforcement and protecting sensitive business information. "I encourage your agency to carefully consider the protection of all such values and interests when making disclosure determinations under the FOIA." (via Politechbot)
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How many people here have used the FOIA to request their own FBI file?
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I've requested my own FBI file, and was pretty bummed to discover that one does not exist... I've sent in several FOIA requests, they're really easy. Particularly with handy-dandy FOIA request generators that do everything for you but lick the stamp.
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The man loses an election to a dead guy and winds up as AG. Is it any wonder there is so much voter apathy; you simply can't get rid of the flotsam in politics. The pond scum keeps rising to the surface. First his wish-list of anti-privacy measures disguised as anti-terrorist tactics, now this anti-FOIA horseshit under the same umbrella. I coulda sworn I heard Asscroft braying about the opportunistic politicians hiding their agenda beneath the WTC tragedy. (I'm guessing he neither sees the irony nor condemns Shrub for attempting to fob off the GOP obsession with capital gains taxes under his proposed economic stimulus package dealing with the WTC fallout*).

*For the record, however one feels about capital gains taxes, using the WTC situation to hump your position is reprehensible.
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I have attempted to use the FOI for a kidnapping case (no: I am not a lawyer) and what the FBI sent me was all blacked out except for "and" "but" "there" etc--and then they note that if you feel that more should be made available, you have to make your case from what they sent you to justify your request. Catch-22. And naturally what they do is ok in the name of intelligence security.
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Not so much myself, but since my grandfather was accused of being a Communist in the pages of the Chicago Tribune, my dad and I have been meaning to see if there's a file on him.
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