'Vengo' the film entire
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Vengo the film entire.

A dramatic film by Tony Gatlif, creator of the far better known Latcho Drom, the famed wordless documentary about Gypsy music.

Vengo previously on MetaFilter: La Caita. That post contained clips, this is the whole thing.

But for a taste, here is A Night In Andalusia.

Reviews: Pro. Con. Meh. Count me with the pros. The plot may be thin but the feeling is strong.
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Thanks for this. The Crazy Stranger/Gadjo Dilo is one of those things I'm always telling friends to watch.
posted by $0up at 8:47 AM on May 22, 2012 [1 favorite]

I remember Carmen Amaya well in 'Los Taranteros' she was a great woman. The Amaya family are very talented people.
posted by Katjusa Roquette at 8:47 AM on May 22, 2012

Latcho Drom links in previous post are all dead but have been reposted.
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I still have not forgiven Gatlif for the mess that is Transylvania...
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His Korkoro is pretty good.
posted by MtDewd at 10:14 AM on May 22, 2012

I don't know if I will have time for the whole movie today, but that Andalusia song has a chorus I will probably remember until I am dead.
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This is actually my favourite movie ever. I started with flamenco lessons because of it.
posted by Tarumba at 11:45 AM on May 22, 2012

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