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(SLYT)An unusual substitution is made in Russian footballer Vadim Evseev's last game before retirement.

His 5-year-old son starts playing about a minute into the video.
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I did not understand a word the announcers were saying, but it was clear what was happening. Very nice gesture for Evseev. His son smoked the goalie.
posted by JohnnyGunn at 7:32 PM on May 23, 2012

Ivanovich finds an open net.
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That was so sweet. I especially loved all of the "slow-motion" dives by players for both teams.
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utterly adorable.
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Impressive. However, the son of legendary Italian defender Paolo Maldini, Daniel, didn't need any condescension when he slide tackled Clarence Seedorf.
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My Russian-speaking boyfriend says that it's not Vadim Evseev's son but the son of the director of a big Russian sports camp.
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Good thing Evseev didn't have 100 kids, I suppose.

In other really easy soccer goals news, in a Norwegian Tippeligaen game a couple of weeks ago, a player was injured, so Lillestrøm (in yellow) kicked the ball out of play. Brann (in red) got the ball on the ensuing throw-in, kicked the ball back to Lillestrøm's keeper, but the ball took an awkward bounce and went in the net. Subsequently, 10 of the 11 Brann players just stood there as Lillestrøm waltzed a goal back in the other way. (Watch the throw-in goal, then you can skip to about 2:45 unless you really like Norwegian voiceovers.)
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I loved how it followed all the convention of traditional football replay, and how well they all played their roles.
I just don't know what they did for the next 20-plus minutes in that game.
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I'm sure the 5 year old is very proud of his orange football shoes.
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If they had tried that against Leeds United, Vinnie Jones would have taken the kid out.
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Yes, peacheater is correct: it's actually this guy's kid. He's a United Russia party official, currently managing director at Орлёнок ("Eaglet"), a children's sports resort near the Black Sea. Orlenok (f. 1957) is and always has been for children of VIPs and party officials.

So yeah, Russian kleptocracy in action. Cute!
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Watch the tape again at 1:37, that guy totally takes a dive. Floppers like that are the reason I don't watch sports like this "football". Anyone know what time the Tottenham San Antonio Spurs game is on?
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You know what else is wrong with that little kid? Joseph Stalin, that's what.
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I love how the goal counted!
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I'm the kind of assholefun uncle who plays football with his nieces and nephews and grabs and holds the littlest ones in the air just before they get a chance to kick the ball and then yells Mia, your legs are too short, reach down and kick the ball while running rings around the other little-uns (still holding at least one, sometimes two kids up in the air). Usually they eventually get the ball away from me when I run out of breath from laughing so hard.
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Kid was lucky Boris Johnson wasn't on the pitch.
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1. I love the gridiron tackle behind the goalie at the end.

2. This dude was retiring and they subbed him for the last time and they didn't even put in his own kid? Jeez, Russia really is a cold place.

Subsequently, 10 of the 11 Brann players just stood there as Lillestrøm waltzed a goal back in the other way.

Hahahahaha, keeper pride. I love how Levieski is like, "I cannot believe you are going to embarrass me like this. I'm not going to just STAND there." It violates his keeper programming.
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