A tribute to all the mothers of the world
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For us children, our mother's nagging can be a frustrating, constant annoyance. However, when her presence is no longer felt, these words become our strongest source of comfort and affection. It is then that we learn to hold on tightly to these warm, faint traces of memories. From Singapore, a "tribute to all the mothers of the world". [SLYT]
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Wish my mother had lived a little longer, and that I would have have had, therefore, more memories of her. As it is, I have almost none at all. Sometimes that fucking tears me up inside. Wish I'd known the feeling of having a mom around, nagging and all.

Sweet video. Sure, kinda tear-jerky, but, yeah, tears are a reality.
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Well this is just horrible timing for me.


*crying at work*

Moving on to something like popping zits on YouTube. That always gets your mind off of tears.

*and yes, my mom would have definately said "what the hell are you watching that for?"

SCIENCE MOM. You always wanted me to be a doctor!
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Well gosh that is.. just too sweet. *sniff*

*Runs off to find mom and hug her forever*
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Since my eyes were already leaking, before I take them back to the eye store to get some dry ones, here's the Chestnut Tree. Now I'm off to nag my kid.
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What an incredibly wholesome family / lifestyle this video protrays. Sure, it's not a perfect portrait, there's no dad for instance, maybe there never was a dad in the first place. But gosh how nice, how wholesome, these basic coming-back-after-school habits and rituals of this boy and his mother.
If most middle class Asian families can relate to this film, then I welcome these middle class Asian values to seep through our Western society.
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