33 years later
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Though the recent excavation of a basement in SoHo did not turn up his remains [previously], today there may finally be some resolution. Pedro Hernandez confesses to having strangled Etan Patz.
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It is important to keep in mind that the police haven't yet publicly said that they have evidence corroborating the confession. People do weird things with really public stuff like this. I hope that, whatever is the case, the Patz family can get some closure from this.
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I am glad the parents have some closure. Is there a good Non-NYTimes article you can reccommend? I'd like to read more.
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He says he left the body in a box and Manhattan, went back later, and the box was gone. I am skeptical.
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in Manhattan, not and.
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I wonder how many hours of interrogation he went through before confessing.
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"Thirty-three years ago this was a tragedy that broke the hearts of millions of people, especially parents, across this nation,'' Mr. Bloomberg said.

...and the world. Offspring wants to walk to school alone and every time she mentions it the hairs on my back stand straight up and I picture myself being Ethan's mom, waving him off for that walk to the school bus stop.
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Happened to walk down Prince St this morning. Satellite trucks and on air type reporters setting up for live remotes on every corner.
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I still don't really get what the first tip was to re-open the case after 33 years and why there is suddenly a different name confessing? Maybe I don't understand it properly.

This case makes me very sad- how do you go on after this happens? As a parent?
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According to the police (in the press conference that happened a few minutes ago), Hernandez had told some one (or ones) in the past that he had "done something bad and killed a child." I got the impression that the recent focus on the case--the tearing up the basement in SoHo--had raised awareness again and shaken out the tip. Maybe the person Hernandez had talked to just finally put two and two together?

Interesting that the NYT story says he had been a person of interest in the case before, though.
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Is this another John Mark Carr?
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Hernandez apparently suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It could be another false confession.
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