Star Wars 35th Anniversary -- the music edition
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May 25, 1977 - 2012. Celebrate 35 years of Star Wars by getting your groove on with Meco's classic Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk.

Other tributes to Star Wars:

I Wanna Be A Stormtrooper -- Anarchy Steering Committee
Shredisode IV (Live) -- Anchorhead Darth Metal
Star Wars Cantina -- Mark Jonathan Davis
Theme from Star Wars -- Montefiori Cocktail

Happy 35 Years, and may the Force be with you!
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In 1,000 years will we -still- being harping on about Star Wars?
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Wasn't there a K-Tel competitor to the Meco record?
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Are you referring to this? It appears to be the "Now That's What I Call Music" collection of its time, and includes the single-length version of the Meco track as its lead-off track.

I can't imagine what else you might be thinking of...
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whoo, I think I'll beg off the research if you don't mind. Looking at K-Tel's licensed compilation business model I think I must simply be misremembering.
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In 1,000 years will we -still- being harping on about Star Wars?
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No, because by then all the people that saw Star Wars as kids (I was six in 1977) will have died off.

Unless we figure out a process to extend life indefinitely before Generation X kicks the moisture vaporator. Then yes, we'll still be talking about it, and how Episodes 21-23 just weren't as good as Episodes 16-18.
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Oh, god, I remember 6 year old me and my friends dancing in the kitchen as this song played on my mom's crappy little mono radio. Good times, good times.

I would also like to take this opportunity to make a request, just for this thread, in honor of the 35th Anniversary. Could we PLEASE refrain from the George Lucas' Prequels Dropped A Hot Cleveland Steamer On My Childhood Litany of Woe? For once, I'd like a Star Wars thread where we all focus on the Awesome. I thank you in advance.
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The cover-art on the Meco record is awesome. Probably that is old news.
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This is amazing. Though I prefer my intergalactic funk a bit older school.
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Suddenly I feel so old.

*r2D2 beeps*
*turns page*

But I am so familiar with the story of Star Wars.
And, since for some SHOCKING reason it has not been posted yet:
Famed voice actors Billy West, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio, Kevin Conroy, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen redoing the Star Wars Radio Play as their most famous characters. You're going to think that Kevin Conroy narrating the movie will be the best, but then Bubbles starts in as Darth Vader and then Jake from Adventure Time is Princess Leia, and Christopher Walken as R2D2.... Runs about 80 minutes.
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This was released the weekend I was born.

I still haven't seen it all the way through.
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I actually won this record in a radio comp back in the day. It's also the first and last time I've won anything.
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I'll be listening to Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars, which was one of the first tapes I owned.
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And, since for some SHOCKING reason it has not been posted yet

Unless you count the FPP just before this one, of course :-)
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Unless you count the FPP just before this one, of course :-)

I'd swear that was not there...

I guess I will wallow in yet more shame.
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I came in here to also point out Patrick Gleeson's Star Wars (the third album I owned, I think - maybe fourth after Disco Duck). You know it's awesome from the airbrushed Jolly Roger. And because rory didn't, I will give you a link to an mp3 of Luke's Theme. You better listen to it in HiFi!
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Thanks, plinth - I hadn't realised that the mp3 links on the Record Robot page (my "Wars" link) had died. No doubt anyone inspired by that skull-and-crossbones album cover could find a way to locate them.
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Unfortunately this is the only track from Star Wars Breakbeats I was able to find on YouTube! It's best in small doses but some of the tracks are pretty earwormy.

Also can't forget Weird Al's Yoda and The Saga Begins...
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Actually, though I love Meco's Star Wars, his greatest achievement is generally regarded to be his Wizard of Oz soundtrack.
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I should also point out that in the credits of the Patrick Gleeson album he thanks Max Mathews, for whom I ended up working in high school. I asked Max about it and he didn't know a damned thing about him. Go figure.
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This is only somewhat related, but frankly I can't resist the urge to post this everywhere every chance I get: 1979, Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip, "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper". No one has satisfactorily answered my question yet as to why we don't dress like this ALL THE TIME.
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