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Kingdom of Loathing creator Jick and the rest of the Asymmetric crew have spent the last four years developing a new game. Next month, the beta for the game is coming out: Word Realms! Make sure to watch the video, it's full of hilarity.

Word Realms is an RPG where combat is based on making words from a set of letters in your arsenal. They've posted some sneak peeks on their website. Music warning: autoplaying Quicktime mp3 by Gminor7 from MC Frontalot's band.

Previously, they did a panel at DragonCon in 2010 where they talked about and demoed some of the game.

While you're waiting, play the recently fixed Krakrox the Barbarian!
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Hooray for Kingdom of Loathing!
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Yay, tomato daiquiris for everyone!
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I enjoyed my brief flirtation with KoL, and I like word games, so this seems like a nice fit. But isn't it basically just Bookworm Adventures with more jokes?

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you -- I liked Bookworm Adventures. I'm just not clear on what this brings to the table that's super different (or that needs $100K in Kickstarter money to develop).
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The 100K is to turn it into an MMO. The single-player game is coming out no matter what.
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While I haven't really played the game in a few years, Kingdom of Loathing is one of the worthiest web games I know of. I'll kick them a few dollars when next I have some.

That said... and it pains me to say it because I know of a worthy project or two I'd link if I could... but I don't think Metafilter allows posts that are primarily links to Kickstarter projects?
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(Oh, and Krakrox the Barbarian is quick, rather simple fun, but after you beat the queen you're just stuck in a room, alone, forever.)
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First response: awesome!

Second response: I wonder if they've got the minimum price point right for the Kickstarter. I think phone and tablet app prices may be spoiling people a little in terms of what they think is acceptable for something that looks likes a diversion rather than immersion style gaming experience. 11 dollars isn't a lot of money, but it might sound like a lot to some people. I'll chip in though!
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It pains me to say it because I know of a worthy project or two I'd link if I could... but I don't think Metafilter allows posts that are primarily links to Kickstarter projects?

I don't know if this is primarily a link to a Kickstarter project. It looks like this post tried to be careful to nowhere mention or link to the Kickstarter for the MMO... it reads like a preview for the single player game, which is distinct from the Kickstarted MMO. But the recommended video is a video for the Kickstarter, so... it's borderline, and hair-splitty either way.

I've sometimes wondered whether a post on Kingdom of Loathing would get shot down as a double or whether it would pass whatever statute of limitations there is on double posts. The game is hugely different than it was when it was first posted here in 2004.

Everyone who hasn't played KoL before should go make an account and give it a shot!
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I have spent more money on KoL than I have on any other game, ever.

My stick person is extremely well supplied with familiars, all with comical names.

This sounds like a neat thing from people who make neat things.
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Hey guys! I wanted to chime in on the Bookworm Adventures thing.

BA was obviously a big inspiration -- I loved it, but I really wanted it to be more than it was, which is why I decided that Word Realms would be a good next project for Asymmetric.

Thematically, BA was a mishmash of fairy and folk tales, and didn't have much in the way of a world or its own identity. We've spent a lot of time thinking about and working on the setting for Word Realms in anticipation of the MMO, and I think it's pretty cool.

Mechanically, BA was pretty much entirely linear and had very little character customization. In Word Realms, we're trying to spread out a lot, and give you more choices about what to do and how to do it.

For me, BA was also a very easy game, and there was no incentive to continue playing it once I got through it once. It's a PopCap game, and as such I think it was shooting for a PopCap audience. Word Realms has an easy mode, but we're also building it to be as challenging as the individual player wants it to be.

Ugh. This sounds so PR. In any case, I'm following this thread if anybody has any questions.
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I have a question: WHY U SO AWESOME? I still haven't gotten over all the Nethack jokes in the Dungeons of Doom.

Admission: I was at DragonCon in 2010, but I neglected to come by your panel. I'll be sure to drop by next time you and I are there.
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I thought Bookworm Adventures was great fun, but I agree that it had little replayability--I swear I found myself coming up with the same high-scoring words in some of the same places, which made me wonder if the letter generation was as random as one would like to think.
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I really need to get back into KoL. I'm only a class and a half away from a full brimstone kit, but this seal clubber is taking me forever to ascend (it's somehow proven to be more annoying than a black cat run).
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Someone should start a MeFi clan.
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I have excellent connections with the famed Warehouse 23 Clan!
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Jick: "Ugh. This sounds so PR. In any case, I'm following this thread if anybody has any questions."

Hey, did you know you'll be incessantly referred to as "Metafilter's own Jick" now?
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Ugh. This sounds so PR. In any case, I'm following this thread if anybody has any questions.

How realistic is your self-imposed deadline?
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Ah ha, that's Metafilter for you.

Here's a question. How would you compare the MMO puzzle-oriented play to something like Yohoho Puzzle Pirates?
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As for a Metafilter clan, I have a clan that's gathering dust, Clan MacDemogorgon. (Yes, another Nethack joke.) If anyone thinking about playing KoL wants in a clan with extremely lax membership requirements and some of the perks purchased lemme know.
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JHarris: just sent in my application.
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I just joined -- Monkeyfilter used to have its own clan and successful cocktail business but I can't even recall my character's name let alone the clan name (something something monkey something, probably) so when I get to level 7 I'll apply to Clan MacDemogorgon.
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I've been a KoL player off and on for something like 7-8 years. Have a tshirt that I won from Radio KOL in their early days. Still realllly regret that I lost my early character when school got in the way and I gave it up. I think I'm gonna get back into it, now that I haven't lost my char. It's been almost 2 years since I played, I foresee a glut of "oh man everything has changed for the worse" for the first week.
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I've approved daniel_charms, and with that Clan MacDemogorgon is open for business again.

Even in its heyday, which was never really very hey, it was an exceedingly low-key clan. Contribute what you want, and take what you want.

We're pretty broad minded here, and if you stop short of smashing the piano, there isn't much you can do at the Drones Clan MacDemogorgon that will cause the raised eyebrow and the sharp intake of breath. Line appropriated from P.G. Wodehouse. We don't do PvP, at least not as a group, and most of the other members probably haven't logged in for years.
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I may look to join that clan as soon as I complete my personal hobopolis run. I forget about the game for 6 months at a time. And then I remember it's time to go feed my "emo roe" I won on some radio KOL thing ages ago. (It was a fundraiser for some tragedy that's left my memory)
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Would be glad to have you DigDoug! (And I still chuckle over that username.)
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Oh, and I've approved what I presume to be tracicle as well.
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Just applied also, JHarris. Harry Campbell. Haven't logged in to KoL in a long time
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I've approved everyone who's applied so far.

I feel sorry that no one's had any good questions for Jick. I haven't been able to come up with one!
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