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Need a blast of pure joy to start your holiday weekend? Here's Isaac's live lip-dub proposal.
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Dancing Jews!
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Holy shit. When he appeared at the end I literally started crying uncontrollably. Nothing on the internet has made me do that in years.

Embodies what we all want. Really well.
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Wow.... I'm glad she said yes!
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It was fun watching her in the mini-cam window. Totally freaking at every turn. Pretty sweet proposal.
Isaac's dressed in art-director all-black. That would explain the production values.
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I'm still crying. That was fantastic.
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someone should have taken down that dead end sign at the beginning...
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Sure hope this isn't just viral marketing for Honda.
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Great, internet. THIS is why I can't ever get married, because the scientific odds of me tracking down a fellow this clever are so slim here in the Midwest.

Also, onions. Someone's cutting them...
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LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love over the top expressions of love.
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Thank you MetaFilter and cool people for reminding how much my proposal to my ex-wife sucked.
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And, although I was unteared as it went on, I was, however, grinning like a fool.

send... more... commas...
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Stupid hipster mustache on the guy. Geeze. (Have to find any negative I can here, as this guy has pretty much ruined it for the rest of us forever. Jerk. *sniffle)
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I know at least two of the people involved in this. The folks on the laptops are her family members back east that couldn't make it. Most of the other folks are their good friends and family, and they're all from the small (but very talented!) Portland theater community.
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Goodness, I'm pretty anti-cute but that was the most adorable thing I've ever seen on the internet. I lol'd at the marching band.
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Alright, see everybody later later Im gonna go be friends with these people instead.
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Is that in Portland, OR?
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Yes! Oregon plates on the driveway cars. I knew it!
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I don't think I noticed the OR plates, but I still somehow just intuited that it was Portland.
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Hats off to these folks. I'm glad they are all theater people because I was thinking throughout, damn, if my friends did this we wouldn't be nearly so well-choreographed.

Also, the laptops is when I would've lost it.
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It turns out they are theater people that have worked with my theater friends in various productions. I actually saw this on their facebook world of theater geeks and thought "oh man, that was on MeFi earlier!"
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I was expecting dubstep and was pleasantly surprised.
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Amazing. That is Awesome.
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Someone posted it on FB earlier, and I was grinning so hard my face hurt, and crying by the end of it. SO AWESOME.
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That was a wedding, not a proposal. Anything else is just an afterthought.
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That was so nice. Up until someone started cutting onions around here.
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Goddamit, why do I these specks keep flying into my eyes?
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Well, now I'm crying. I think this might actually top that dancing wedding party.
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Damn hipsters and their adorable,awesome wedding proposals.
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Awesome, made me tear up, which is a __never__ event for the internet.

My sond and daughter in law did a video with this song which they sent out as their wedding invitations, so there's that connection for me, too.

But I like it because even though it is a big deal fancy proposal, it is small and intimate and clearly filled with people who love them and are involved with them. They are off to a good start.
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Speck in my eye, dammit.

Now, who wants to do this for me?
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Brilliant. :)
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