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Peter Brings the Shadow to Life is a video made by Joe Pease which cleverly inverts our perspective of a skateboarder.
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This is from the Predatory Bird blog, the website of Scottish pro skater John Rattray.
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This is great - I'm surprised at the extent to which the high contrast allows us (me anyway) to see the nuances of the tricks. The larger shadows also convey a sense of motion better than more typical footage.
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don't know why this is cool, but it is
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Don't know why this wouldn't be cool, and it is.
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Wasn't expecting to like this after the first few moments, but the upside-down perspective starts seeming perfectly normal up until something happens to disrupt it, bringing a nice little "oh, WHOA" to the proceedings.
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I love this. When I first saw this last week it took me a bit to sort out what was happening ie that what looked like the shadow of the shadow was the kid's real feet. So then I had to watch it four more times.
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I thought it was a pretty damn cool idea, but that music needs to die by fire.
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Highly recommend the aforementioned blog. Rattray is stellar.
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