It must be Jello, cause jam don't shake like that.
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It is a brave new world… of Jello.

South of the border, down Mexico way, gelatin artisans are developing secret techniques for encapsulating flowers and figures in solidified hemispheres. Labor-intensive, gorgeous, low-cal if perhaps less than delicious, Gelart Floral sees your Glass Block Holiday Jello and snorts mockingly.
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I don't think I'm ready for this jelly.
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Those reminds me of vintage reverse carved lucite jewelry.
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Gelatin artisans form part of a long and noble tradition.
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I can't wait to show this to my friend that encases Vienna sausage art in Jello.
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Oh man the videos are nuts. They make these using spoons and dye?? I have to try this.
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San Francisco in Jello
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Spoons, dye and syringes, the latter apparently taking a lot of patience and dexterity that I can't see myself pulling off anytime soon. Pretty, but it still reminds me a bit of a centerpiece that would be used at my great-grandmother's dinner party.
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If you're in downtown LA, there's a vendor that walks down Los Angeles st (seen him b/w 4th & 6th) selling these intricately crafted things, usually on weekends.

I'm channeling my inner Jonathan Gold here, but you will order one. It will be beautiful. You will feel equally sad and amazed while eating it, because it is like destroying a work of art. A slightly flavorless work of art, but still...
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Can someone explain to me what I'm looking at. Are those actual flowers?
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It's too bad about the modern reputation of jello as some sort of 1950s food monstrosity created by garish housewives and forced on unwilling family during the holidays. It's just collagen which is an essential food most people don't get enough of with the fake stuff that passes for soups and sauces. It's what gives soup that smooth feel and soothing-gut feeling, why chicken soup is good when your sick. It's really good as an appetizer since it relaxes the gut and makes digestion easier. Why Broth is Beautiful.
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Two comments: 1) The amount of food colouring used in the video is probably more than I eat in an entire year.

2) That is some strong jelly. Yikes, I've seen rubber balls with more give.

Beautiful yes, but I have the feeling this wouldn't really be a taste sensation.
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I want the dye to be fruit flavored, but I doubt it is. Interesting idea, but yeah, needs to be stylistically updated for something so labor intensive to be popular in the states at the pricepoint it deserves. It reminds me a lot of blooming tea. Cool novelty, kind of quaintly genteel, but ultimately not delicious enough.
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Here's a cute Brazilian guy making some flowers.

Is anybody else reminded of wagashi?
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From the lede, I was expecting to read about how gelatin desserts were bringing us to the World State.
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Can someone explain to me what I'm looking at. Are those actual flowers?

You can start by clicking the first video link.
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This is fascinating. I had no idea such stuff existed. Human ingenuity and the human drive to make art everywhere, out of the most unpromising and despised* materials, never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, MeFi, and Scram.

*'despised'? Yes. And with good reason. If you have never felt the despair of having 1950s Jello fruit salad placed before you by a well meaning hostess, count your post-Gen X blessings.
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Slithy_Tove, it's not the Jello that's the problem, IMO. With the right fruit, Jello fruit salad can be good.
It's the Fruit Cocktail that's truly evil, Jello or not.
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Fruit cocktail in Jello still gives me nightmares. That, and "ambrosia."
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Jello fruit cocktail, ambrosia and circus peanuts: that's what I'm serving at the next meet-up.
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Some of this idea is not very new. For example, traditional French cooking has Oeufs en Gelée.
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Jello fruit cocktail, ambrosia and circus peanuts: that's what I'm serving at the next meetup.

Those sound like the attendees of the next meetup.
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Here's a photo of the display case at Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. which introduced me to this odd art form yesterday. My sister ordered one that looked like a water lily. It was $3.50, which seems far too little knowing that somebody spent at least ten minutes injecting the petals into place. It tasted of nothing. It was the firmest jello I have ever encountered. Our friends laughed at us, then turned away in disgust, as we each took one cross-section bite from the center of the flower and left it on the table.

I love Grand Central Market as an abiding public space, but it's hardly an interesting foodie destination. Finding these edible paperweights there blew my mind. Glad to be able to share the world of gelatina encapsulada, and wondering how long one of these would last if it were dropped to the bottom of a goldfish bowl and the lid sealed.
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There will always be a moon over gelatin.
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These are amazing. My grandma always served the jello with forlorn little bits of fruit - you know the stuff - little peach bits and bananas swimming around like little selkie produce, hoping they'll someday find their way back to their skins and escape.

I much prefer these. Though I also lack the dexterity it would take to create anything near this - my hands are just too shaky.
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This reminds me of a lot of the Japanese food art in some way. Like the rock candy artists and such. People who are making completely transitory works of art intended for consumption and which cannot be preserved. I have always found that idea appealing on some level -- art which must be experienced quickly because it simply won't be around later.

Very cool. Thanks for posting!
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You whiners have only dipped your pinkie toes in the somewhat-smelly, wading-end of the 7th circle of Jello hell.

Shredded carrots in orange Jello.

Shredded carrots.

Run, while you still can. It's too late for me. I have tasted them, and can never leave this hell; they haunt my memories still.
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IAmBroom, I grew up with shredded carrots in orange jello. I liked it.

And I find it comforting to be served the first 'solid' meal--including jello--in hospital, as it signifies release is near.
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IAmBroom, I grew up with a 1950's, Midwesterner Mother raised in the tradition of church suppers. Yes we had Jello, nasty nasty Jello. Lime Jello with cottage cheese, shredded carrots AND raw onion. Lemon jello with pineapple bits, maraschino cherries, and shredded coconut. Tomato aspic with celery and horseradish. Even something with meat paste....oh the nightmares!

Coincidentally, while I had not eaten any Jello for years, I've suddenly started on a Jello kick because diet Jello is very fruity, cool, and tasty. I have cherry Jello with whipped cream for dessert tonight.
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Secret Life of Gravy, what's your secret? Years of therapy, mind-bending hallucinogenics, EST... How have you escaped? It sounds like a perfect recipe for PTSD.

You have my deepest sympathies.
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I'm very careful with my Jello and if I suspect raw onion I immediately call the bomb squad.
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I think if I took a bite of Jell-O and discovered raw onion in it I would ... cry. Yes. I would literally burst into tears. What a terrible thing to do to someone.
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