Vintage Ventriloquism
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I have to point out that the first ad for the neatorama link is "Marketing for Dummies".
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His dummy gets a name but his wife is just the missus.
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First comment on that one's from yer ol' pal flapjax!
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Oh god I guess I'm not going back to bed now.
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So that’s what happens when fundamentalists procreate.
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This guy's face looks like a topographic map of Hell.
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Why is the aesthetic for these dummies so creepy? Why are they staring at me? Why? Why? Why?
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Willam H. Macy
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"Talk to the finger."
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Is there some way that these things weren't super creepy when they were made? I have the same thought about those Victorian porcelain dolls... who in all of history could have been like, "yeah, this is a thing people want to ever look at?"
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Best ventriloquist thing I know: Shari Lewis (of "... and Lambchop" fame) wrote an episode of Star Trek.
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I am 99% sure the Evangelist and Mrs. John Bishop with "Timmy" picture, at least, has been on here before but darned if I can find it.
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Okay, it was, and I commented on it at the time (which is why I remembered it, probably). Dunno why I couldn't find it earlier, though. (also - not a double)
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also - not a double

There's something funny about the idea of a ventriloquism post being a double.

Actually, there's something funny in general about ventriloquism, or, as they say in Mexico - bentriloquism - or, as Mexican ventriloquists say; mentriloquism.

I first heard about the art of ventriloquism from an expert, though at the time I thought I heard about it coming from a trunk at the other end of the room. Ventriloquism is a deep art which deserves more than lip service, an art which needs a voice in the modern day. Modern ventriloquism reaches out to everyone, embodying our recognition that many of the voices we hear are not coming from where we think they are, but rather from somewhere else. No, I'm not talking about the voices in my head again: I've mentioned those before and I have to reiterate that the aliens don't want me to talk about that. Rather, I allude to the media, and the fact that many talking heads are only saying things that in reality, are things that others get them to say.

I just blew your mind, didn't I? I mean, you never noticed the relationship between TV punditry and ventriloquism before, did you?

Suddenly you are becoming aware that there is more to ventriloquism than meets the eye, that things may be guided by an invisible hand. You begin to read between the lines. You tried to do that before, but you were confused when you only found spaces between the lines, and you wondered "what am I suppose to read, the lines, or the spaces between the lines?" You started to complain "There are no letters in those spaces and that makes it difficult to read anything!"

I think the point is that there is much to be learned by focusing on how things are said, instead of what is being said. To truly understand ventriloquism, you have to become a lip reader.
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