He didn't spake for a week...
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What kind of an Eeget are ya? Not sure what MeFi will make of this wry little monologue, or indeed what the World-Wide World will make of the chap's accent, but it has humour, and truth, and I know plenty of people who 'spake' just like that...
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A fine example of the value of listening to poetry. The voice (and in this case the facial expressions, too) lends nuances that you just can't read.
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He wasn't a great boo-er.

(Haven't heard of this guy, but I enjoyed this video, and the others of his that I've watched now.)
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I find the spelling 'Eeget' curious. I've only seen the word spelled 'Eejit'.
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I also think 'eejit' is the accepted standard.
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I hope people listen to the end.

Great flow of language; I'll be watching/listening to his other stuff now. Thanks for the link; I thought it was going to be just another poor slyt. I'm glad to be mistaken.
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In Leitrim it's eeget. It's not like everywhere else.
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In my experience, 'Eejit' would certainly be the more prevalent spelling and pronunciation, but 'Eeget' is a less common variant with the hard 'g' sound that's used in the video.
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That was great. Thanks.
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Well now I feel all pensive. I think I'll call my dad.
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I really enjoyed this video, thanks for sharing. I think this man has a great ability as a storyteller.
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That was utterly charming.
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Also, really enjoyed this, thanks.
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Fookin' 'ell.
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Fantastic. Best post this month. Thank you!
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I also thought this was fantastic. Such a strong, subtle performance.
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Love it. Of course, I was pretty much won over when he started talking, but accent or not it's quite good, and I think I'll listen to his others. Reminds me a little of Roddy Doyle family stories.
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Oh, I so want to hear him do Mangan's "Woman of Three Cows".

My grandma taught me how to recite it in an Irish accent and this took me right back.
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I loved that, thank you.

I especially love, always love, the particular pronunciation of muttered (and other similar words) ...muthhered. Reminds me of my godmother.
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As good a place as any to sneak in Kevin McAleer
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I read it as "egret" and it made no sense whatsoever but I was highly intrigued to find out. I guess that answers the question.
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And here a friend and I were stuck the other day trying to think of a living, white, great poet.
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This guy is great. I watched a dozen of them in a row. Bookmarked.
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Wow. that is an utterly devastating ending. It's so Irish.
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Really excellent find, thanks.
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His website.

I would be a very happy person if I could see any of his productions in person.
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