Tough as Nails: Afghanistan Grandma
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It's unusual for a woman to be a leader in Afghanistan but Zarifa Qazizadah has become the country's only female village chief through force of personality and determination to get things done - even if that means cross-dressing, wearing a false moustache and driving around on a motorbike at night. "I tell the men of the village, all I want is your prayers," she says. "When you have a problem, I'll speak to the government on your behalf and whenever there is any disturbance at night-time, I'll pick up my gun and come to your house to see what's going on."
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Thanks for posting.

See also: Dr. Habiba Sarabi - the first woman to ever be a governor of any province in Afghanistan. And the story of Malalai Kakar - the first woman to graduate from the Kandahar Police Academy.
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I think that I'm going to think of Qazizadah when glass ceilings get me down. Everything else I've tried to write here just seems trite, but I know that my new motto will be "WWQD?".
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In Afghanistan, it's more of a Lead ceiling.
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I kind of wonder what happened to her husband- the article skirts around that. 15 kids and all that leadership.. amazing.
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Everything else I've tried to write here just seems trite

I'm having the same problem, but I enjoyed reading about Qazizadah and appreciate you posting the link, barnacles.
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