"Show You A Thing Or Two"
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A very special South Korean version of "The Miracle Worker" (Part 1, Part 2), featuring music purloined from the shows Bat Boy and Legally Blonde.
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QUEERTY notes that the videos were posted by the International Youth Fellowship, a Christian faith-based organization.
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related: Disney's Anne Frank
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(except you know, one is a joke and the other is horrifyingly real)
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Korean Max Bialystock is laughing all the way to the bankā€¦or prison.
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Are the Korean lyrics direct translations of the lyrics from the US shows? Or did they write their own lyrics to the music?
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Ah ha: Worse, the music is brazenly ripped off from other Broadway and off-Broadway shows, with re-written Korean lyrics.
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The Whelk: related: Disney's Anne Frank

What the what? "Disney's Anne Frank is an* animated film released by Disney in the spring of 1989"

* imaginary

Ooooh. But there's a story behind the fake movie. And at one point, it wasn't completely imaginary.
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Sorry to derail but, speaking of related Disney projects: I've not seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame but how the hell do you animate that and make it safe for children. The ending of that book is pretty grim and horrific!?

Is the last shot an image of cartoon bones, two sets curved around each other!? Do they crumble into dust and then the Lion Sleeps Tonght song comes on?!

Disney Executive: "Yes, let's take one of the most tragic tales in French Literature and turn it into a cartoon movie for children!?! What?... oh the flagellations, the torture, the burning of people on the pike....we'll just have a song or something. Do it."
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Disney's Anne Frank

That TVTropes article seems to have been inspired, at least in part, by Robert Smigel's satirical Saturday Night Live cartoon, "Titey" -- Disney's Titanic -- featuring Jason Alexander as the voice of the Titanic, Whoopi Goldberg as the iceberg, Gilbert Gottfried as Napoleon, and, yes, Molly Ringwald as Anne Frank.
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'Unauthorized' use and repurposing of music and other stuff is surprisingly rife here in Korea, including being used by national-scale broadcasters. It's always a bit jarring to hear Windows sounds, for example (which I'm assuming are somehow protected, legally) being used for sound effects in game shows and so on, or well-known movie soundtrack music (Star Wars' Imperial March being a big favorite) playing over intersitials or for comedic effect, or a whole host of other things like that.

I am assuming rights are generally not secured to use this stuff. I could be wrong, but I suspect I'm not. I actually tend towards a very broad view of fair use, so I'm conflicted about the whole thing, a bit.

It also amuses me (but would horrify me, I guess, if I were a moviemaker) how the end credits for Hollywood movies, when played on TV, are routinely cut off the moment they begin, presumably because the assumption is that many people can't read them, but I'd guess that violates some kind of licensing agreement as well. Then again, maybe this is de riguer in the rest of the world, too, these days.
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Disney's Hunchback is a soul-crushing and horribly disturbing piece of purported Disneyana.

I saw it back when I was a youth minister. Took three of my charges to see it in the theater.

That was the quietest ride home ever.
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"Everybody lives, Quasimodo! Just this once! Everybody lives!"
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