Medieval Illuminated Initial Cookies
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Anniina, the editor of Luminarium, makes beautiful cookies that look like medieval illuminated initials: "I chose historiated initials from several manuscripts, printed them on edible paper with edible ink, attached them to square cookies and gave them gold edges. Who says love of literature and art can't fill a belly?!"

For those who would like to make their own cookies, she has provided a how-to guide.
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Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! This lands in my wheelhouse from many different directions. LOVE!
posted by theplotchickens at 1:59 PM on June 1, 2012

Those are fantastic. My mouth fell open when I looked at them (and then started watering at the idea of cookies, yum).
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These are too gorgeous to eat!
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I have to say, I was much less impressed when I realized she was just glueing edible printouts on top of otherwise unremarkable cookies. A great idea and they look really cool, but the execution isn't exactly daunting.
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These would make cool Christmas ornaments.
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I couldn't bear to eat them. They're just too damned pretty.
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I think they look cool, but not really appetizing, to be honest.
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They may be made of cookie ingredients, but they are not cookies. Who would have the audacity to eat them?
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Seriously guys, she's printing stuff out of an inkjet and glueing the rice paper to cookies. yay for her that she diy'd something that bakers have been doing forever, but anyone with the tools can do this, it is just cut and paste clip art and shimmer dust.
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Aww, I was let down as well because they are just printouts. I once worked a little park show beside a woman who did photos on cookies (though I'm not sure why you would want to eat your dog or kid or wedding image, but a few folks seemed keen on them.) These do look very nice, though.
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I'm impressed. My friends are going to be impressed. I know some kick-ass librarians and archivists who will probably go make some of these. If there is anything they like better than helping people access information it is sharing cookies!

At the academic library where I worked, for many years the librarians served tea and cookies to all the patrons on the last day of class each semester. They plated thousands of cookies and made gallons of tea. It was fun to see the students who had no idea what to make of it when they encountered flowers and chamber music in the library discover they liked having tea with us, especially the mountains of cookies!
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I would love to have tea with flowers and chamber music in the library!!

Any library. Or even a book store.
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Splunge: "They may be made of cookie ingredients, but they are not cookies. Who would have the audacity to eat them?"

Me. Most of my medieval recreationist friends. It's edible art. Not eating them would be like refusing to sit in a sound, antique chair.

In fact, they'd taste better seated on the 17th-c carved bench in the Cincinatti Masonic Temple.
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