Life without Parole for Mubarak
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After a year without Mubarak, Egypt is about to get a much longer reprieve: the 84-year-old former president has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the deaths of protestors during last year's popular uprising. The former Interior Minister—though not his aides—will also be cooling his heels in a Cairo jail. The effects of this news on national elections, with runoffs to be held in just a few weeks, remains to be seen.
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While over in Syria, the eye doctor sees what happens to quitters like Mubarak and Ghadaffi and redoubles his resolve to not let the same miserable fate befall him. These "protestors" are obviously playing for keeps, Bashar, and this is no time to be soft.
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As someone pointed out on Twitter, Mubarak was sentenced for the death of protestors, yet the police were cleared of those killings - so did Mubarak just "wish" those people dead, or what?
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Listening to CBC Radio this morning and still many top military officials were acquitted of charges, so those people are still in positions of power and influence.
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How coincidental, Fizz. I await the requests for release on the grounds of ill health with a degree of cynicism.
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As three blind mice says, none of this is going to encourage Basher to let go any time soon.

Is the lack of prosecutions for other people involved in the attacks on civilians part of some truth and reconciliation effort perhaps?
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Gaddafi certainly did not 'quit'
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As three blind mice says, none of this is going to encourage Basher to let go any time soon.

So we should have let him go scot-free?

Frankly, given that nothing is going to convince Basher to relinquish power peacefully, to argue against the prosecution of former dictators is exceptionally disingenuous.
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Sorry, that comment wasn't intended to come across as supporting letting either Mubarak or Bashar off without a trial. A fair and public trial is what's needed. If they are allowed to slope off into the sunset with a deal, that sends the wrong message. What I meant was that despite the current protests about government ministers being acquitted in Egypt, the life sentence for Mubarak will only increase Bashar's determination to go all in and stay the bloody course he's resolved to chart.
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Happyroach wrote: So we should have let him go scot-free?

Unless you're an Egyptian, there is no "we" here.

I think that it makes pragmatic sense to let old dictators sail into the sunset, however repulsive they are. It makes it easier to get rid of them and to get rid of other dictators. In this case, though, Egypt's military has been going to great efforts to pretend that they weren't the drivers of the old regime. Prosecute Mubarak or don't prosecute him, it won't make a difference.
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