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Radio 4 is great. I would also recommend Melvyn Bragg's 'In Our Time', the News Quiz, Comedy Controller and a lot of other things.
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de Botton and Self are definitely enjoyable PoVers, agree with them or not, but I remember being disappointed with Clive James when he was on. One not included above who I enjoyed a lot was Lisa Jardine (Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University).
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... and when you're done with Radio 4, head over to Resonance FM and catch Little Atoms.
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Matthew Parris, whose columns about Parliament in the Times of London used to delight me, does a podcast where he talks to people about their idols. And it always disappoints me. :7( So I will have to try this one instead. Thank you for the suggestion.
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Self's "In Praise of Wind Farms" is some of the most brilliant poetry I've heard in years. He's found his voice, and loves to use it.
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Scruss: Agree on the wind farms - also as an Interpol geek I thoughts 'The Arms Trade' POV was standout. Transcript here for anyone who is interested.
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I clicked on two links within a few seconds of each other, and each opened in a new window and started playing. Odd stereophonic experience there.
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Via the BBC Listener app on my iPhone is how I discovered the A Point of View series. I rather liked Self's one about race. (I have a months long backlog of programs on that thing I am catching up on everyday.)
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Another In Our Time fan here.
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Clive James's work on this series was particularly memorable. This work is collected in this book, which I heartily recommend :

A Point Of View by Clive James
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I imagine you can find most of the contents of the book on his website, since the texts of his PoVs are there. I generally find Clive James humane, insightful and educated, but his 'no scientific consensus on global warming' piece was sad to read.
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