“Only way to live here is day by day, same as anywhere.” ― Barry Unsworth, Sacred Hunger
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Barry Unsworth, Booker prizewinner, dies at 81. [guardian.co.uk] Writer of historical fiction, who won Britain's highest literary honour in 1992 for Sacred Hunger, has died.
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I recently finished Sacred Hunger and was very impressed with his attention to detail and historical accuracy. A sad week for Literature.

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A fine historical novelist.
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Sad news.

I recently reread Morality Play: beautiful and sinister. He was a very talented novelist.
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Was Gwyn Barry's novel in The Information partly a mockery of Sacred Hunger?

I liked it myself.
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Obviously not as wide reaching readership as Ray Bradbury but a fine novelist that is worth reading if you have any interest in historical fictions. Writes very much like William Styron for anyone looking for a comparison with regard to style and voice. At least, in my eyes.
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HERE is Unsworth in a podcast about his last novel (The Quality of Mercy)
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Ahhh damn. Love Sacred Hunger, Morality Play and The Song of the Kings, especially.
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I think "the Stone Virgin" was my favorite of his novels. He will be missed.
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The sadness here is that, even at 81, he was prolific and producing fine work right up to the very end of his life. Land of Marvels, published only three years ago, was particularly good. He had, if such a thing is possible, a wonderful 'ear' for the past. His pasts felt like the past, not just the present in a funny costume, and yet were sufficiently keyed into the same issues that concern us now to make readers care about them. Happy trails, and thank you.
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