Mood Music, Volume 2
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Days of music and ambient audio served up with no searching, little setup, and no subscription:

Previously mentioned, You Are Listening To has expanded its roster of city broadcasts to include Austin, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and more. Post intended as something of a sequel to this, previously.
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Here's 3:39 of awesome.
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You Are Listening To is awesome. Is there a way to just get that audio stream premixed without keeping the site open, though? It'd be great for the reception area in my office...
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10 hours of Darth Vader breathing.
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I'm listening to the thunder and rain since it's nearly 95F here, and sear-your-eyeballs bright, and it's going to be many a month until I hear this in real life. Unless... well, we just keep stacking up more plants in every available spot outside our apartment, so I'm sort of hoping they will create their own ecosystem and spawn a ministorm or two. Until then, 75 minutes of YouTube thunder and rain is pretty nice, though it's totally confusing the dog.
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awesome post man, been playing with the party cloud thing for ages.

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They should rename it to "Party Sunshine"...
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Those "Thunder and rain" and "Amazon" tracks remind me a lot of the Environments series of records that came out in the 70's. I had a couple of them, and really found them relaxing. The recording quality was exceptional and really showed-off a good stereo system.
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Great post. Here's another you might enjoy: '9 Beet Stretch' is a recording of Ludwig van Beethoven's ninth symphony stretched to 24 hours, without pitch distortion. The stream was started on saturday may 7th, 2005, at 20h15 (the moment of sunset (local time) in Vienna, Austria, where Beethoven's ninth symphony was first performed, on may 7th, 1824).
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Sonos Terra is very, very much good yes. I'm going to pair it with the Mr. Rogers remix.
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These are great...but I still like, previously known as, for ambient sound. The creator keeps adding sounds to mix, so it's now not only possible to simulate a rainforest with an intermittent thunderstorm by a waterfall while lemurs occasionally shriek in the distance, but also Christmas morning while the children open presents and grandpa sits in the corner on his respirator. Relaxing!
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resonance is really good at this. A stand alone app that’s free, has an interesting variety of sounds and effects, and you can add your own sounds.
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I have put the ambient Enterprise sounds on at work where we have to keep client privacy intact by using any number of promotional white noise makers branded with the names of anti-depressants (Yes, this is really a thing) when the exact same combination of canned ocean waves and bird calls has left me a highly ironic nervous wreck.

I don't even like Star Trek all that much, it's just that relaxing.
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These things are great. To really work though they need to go on for hours and not loop. The brain otherwise picks it up as artificial.

There are sound artists who record pure nature sounds in very remote places at high fidelity and sell these recordings for a lot of money to a small group of connoisseur who can afford to collect them. The idea is that man-made sounds leak through (planes, distant rumbles etc..) so you have to go into very remote areas. Not many places in the lower 48 US states for example where pure sounds can be recorded, so it's costly and rare to get these recordings. It's easy to pick up man made sounds by looking at the signatures in the recording.
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"... and sell these recordings for a lot of money to a small group of connoisseur who can afford to collect them."

I have a new financial ambition. It used to be supporting a stable of warmblood horses, and then it was to have a private driveway several miles long. Neither of which have been achievable, but now I want to be able to afford my own sound collector who can travel and record where I sadly cannot.
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After a good rain my back yard sounds like some of those Amazon recordings, all jungley, with frogs and bugs and everything else that goes yawp in the night. It's hundreds of little animals that all blend in nicely to make up a creaky clicking swamp chorus.

There's always one frog which is either louder than the others or slightly off rhythm somehow, so while there's a comforting background krark-whrrrr-mreek, there's this one tiny amphibian diva messing things up and belting its rubbery little duck noises out as loud as it can. WHARG. WHARG. WHARG.

It's like that one person who sings Happy Birthday way louder than everyone else, but can't stop once they get going because then it'd be even more awkward. Shine on, soloist frog.
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R. Schlock: "Here's 3:39 of awesome."

Uh, that so should not work but somehow manages to. I am flabbergasted.
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