An interesting publishing house from Sweden
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Malört Förlag are a small Swedish record label/publishing house with a couple of interesting releases, like a soundtrack to Mikael Häll's doctoral dissertation about sexual intercourse with demons and nature spirits; a CD of folk songs about werewolves featuring artists like Faun Fables and Fursaxa, and a beautiful first translation of the 1772 novel Le Diable Amoureux, with its original soundtrack featuring artists like Keiji Haino and The Coffinshakers.

From Mikael Häll's doctoral dissertation soundtrack:

Negative Plane - The Chasm Depths

Werewolf Songs (stream)
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posted by Tarumba at 7:54 PM on June 10, 2012

Thanks for posting! A couple of the tracks on "Werewolf Songs" grabbed me enough that I ordered a copy. Now I need to see if there's an English translation of Varulven I Svensk Folktradition...
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Cool to see this here. The artist I work for contributed to the Le Diable Amoureux CD.
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