"The World Trade Center Attack Was Orchestrated By Demons!"
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"The World Trade Center Attack Was Orchestrated By Demons!" (PS: Send Money.) For those of you who, like me, have been wondering what Sideshow Bob had to contribute to the ongoing discussion of the WTC attacks. [more]
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For those of you who are blissfully unaware of Bob Larson, here are some links to get you started.
posted by tpoh.org at 7:15 AM on October 21, 2001

Makes me almost want to trade in my first name. What's with the "16th century demon-possessed spiritualist Nostradamus" line? I always thought that Nostradamus was just full of shit, not demon-filled.
posted by MAYORBOB at 7:43 AM on October 21, 2001

I'm sorry, text-filled web pages are not enough. If you haven't already, you really need to hear the man for the full effect. In this program, he's blathering on about Harry Potter. Enjoy.
posted by tpoh.org at 8:08 AM on October 21, 2001

my evangelist can beat up your evangelist
posted by newnameintown at 8:39 AM on October 21, 2001

"If your gift is at least $50, let me send you the incredible one-hour video, 'Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged – Making Evil Look Innocent.'"

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this comment by bob is creepy - "It’s a time for spiritual militancy."
posted by redhead at 8:57 AM on October 21, 2001

I love this quote "Are you with me or against me in this effort for Christ?"
I mean, I understand that painting things in black and white had to be done so Bush would be able to answer questions about the situation, but I didn't realize that neutrality to a cause was not an option in pseudo-spirituality now. Is this a trend? Is it a natural cultural development in a digital age?
posted by holycola at 10:04 AM on October 21, 2001

Bob Larson's exorcism informercials air at 2 a.m. CST Tuesdays on TBN. For those of you who have Tivos, I highly recommend a season pass for this one. The way he abuses the "demons" with his Bible (he calls it "the sword") are sometimes indistinguishable from S&M.

"Smell the sword! SMELL IT!"

The mass hypnosis techniques he uses on his live audience are also fascinating. A must-watch if you like off-beat TV.
posted by Dirjy at 10:05 AM on October 21, 2001

that guy is so frightening
posted by Satapher at 10:18 AM on October 21, 2001

From the text: My answer is always the same: “Satan traffics in suffering and human misery.”

So do religious lunatics like Bob and his ilk.
posted by davidmsc at 11:08 AM on October 21, 2001

can i confess he makes me nervous too?
posted by bunnyfire at 11:20 AM on October 21, 2001

godliness is profitable unto all things. - 1 Timothy 4:8
posted by quonsar at 1:01 PM on October 21, 2001

I've always wondered how this type of ministry can distinguish between demon-driven organizations and actions and the holy ones.. Is the WWJD or DWJD wristband the modern version of the necklace of garlic? Do they burn the flesh of the unrighteous?
posted by dness2 at 1:06 PM on October 21, 2001

As Bono said, "The God I believe in ain't short of cash, mister."
posted by spinifex at 3:28 PM on October 21, 2001

You do realize this guy is really an animated version of an eliza bot, don't you? Quite unsophisticated, if you ask me. He only has two responses: "Give me money" and "It's the devil!".
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The Lord has compelled me to ask for the largest gift you’ve ever shared with this ministry.

Damn! Those demons have emptied my wallet again! When I try to write a check, they grab my hand and send it on the devil's business.

Is there an exorcist in the house?
posted by Geo at 5:48 PM on October 21, 2001

bono and i agree, i see......
posted by bunnyfire at 6:28 PM on October 21, 2001

Why does Bob Larson look like a werewolf in that picture?
posted by pooldemon at 7:32 PM on October 21, 2001

I've also been peeved about all the "Scientology Volunteer Minister" shirts that swarmed on the scene immediately after the towers fell. But I just thought it was vile opportunism, I had no idea about the demons.
posted by joemaller at 7:54 PM on October 21, 2001

The lord accepts visa, mastercard, american express, and the discover card, but he doesn't warn you beforehand about the $4.95 shipping and handling charge. What's up with that?
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Thanks, tpoh. I don't know how Bob had not found his way into my "Bible Wackos" folder of bookmarks. He is truly a class-A wacko.
posted by Zurishaddai at 12:17 AM on October 22, 2001

bunnyfirecan i confess he makes me nervous too?

Anything that makes bunnyfire nervous scares the crap out of me.
posted by signal at 12:27 AM on October 22, 2001

Hey bunnyfire,

He makes me uncomfortable and angry. I am saddened when I think about the non-Christians that see him (and about 75% of the other garbage on "Christian" TV) and think he is what most Christians are like.

Here is a good Bob Larson link. Sorry, no direct link, you will have to scroll done a bit.
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At least he's back to tackling grownup issues. About 10 years ago his radio show got stuck on targeting teens & rock and roll - he could always find a youngster in distress and milk him or her for an hour or two of radio donations. Just plain wrong.
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In the interest of equal time, the Luciferian Liberation Front offers an alternative.

But wouldn't ya know it. It comes down to the same conclusion: SEND MONEY, cash please.

You get a Get Out of Hell Free card, but personally, I carry one from Randy Cassingham and they are cheaper, too.
posted by Geo at 12:14 PM on October 22, 2001

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