Can I get cable out here?
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While not as famous as its photogenic neighbor, Boon Island six miles off the town of York, Maine has quite the history of cannibalism, ghosts and shipwrecks. Would you like to own the tallest lighthouse in New England?
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Quick, someone call Stephen King!
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In their defense, I've almost gnawed off my own arm looking for a decent eats around there too.
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An estimated 16,000 pounds (7ΒΌ t) of mercury remain unrecovered and is believed to have settled in the low point of the cargo hold.

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That's ~$100,000 of mercury according to WolfamAlpha.
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My dream is to retire after a successful career and open up a used bookstore in a lighthouse somewhere in New England; unfortunately, I don't think this lighthouse would be a very good candidate for used bookstore staging. Maybe a restaurant, though.
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Would you like to own the tallest lighthouse in New England?

I think as the internet people say: TAKE MY MONEY.
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Were I a freshly-minted billionaire, this would be my first order of business to express my eccentricities.

Make up some sort of non-profit, take ownership of the lighthouse and use it for ... purposes.
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"It's got a great history," he said. "It's Maine's tallest lighthouse; it once had lighthouse keepers out there; it's the only place cannibalism took place."
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On Dec. 11, 1710, the Nottingham Galley shipwrecked on Boon Island during a sleet storm. All 14 men aboard survived the initial wreck but resorted to cannibalism before the remainder were rescued 24 days later.

Talk about not giving enough info. I know a good word problem when I see it. How many people were left? I need to know this before I know how many were eaten.

Also, my letter of interest goes out tomorrow.
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Huh, I had never heard all the lore about Boon Island. The survival cannibalism story is gruesome and fascinating. The ME State Museum apparently had a show on this just recently. Here's an archaeology report. One of the crew accused the captain of arranging the wreck to cash in on insurance money and wrote an account of the episode which is on
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Kenneth Roberts wrote a very readable fictionalized account, Boon Island.
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Would you like to own the tallest lighthouse in New England?

That's a very kind and generous offer, thank you. When can I pick up the keys?
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