In the land of the Old Masters, the multimedia technician is increasingly king.
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Factum Arte in Madrid has made an animation film based on Giovanni Battista Piranesi's Carceri d'Invenzione prints; and have also built many of his pieces which shows the workings of his imagination, merging his architectural ambitions with his obsessive interest in antiquity. Giovanni Battista Piranesi was a source of inspiration for, among others, Goya, Poe, Escher, Max Ernst, De Chirico.

A Contamination of taste - The 3D modelling of a fireplace

Behind Historic Preservation, a Surreal History.
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I love his prison pieces - so gloomy and wonderful at the same time.
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Wow! I played this a second time just to listen to the Casals / Bach, and then again for the video and audio together again. Beautiful.
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This is fantastic, thanks for the links!

But as I've posted before I still want the Carceri as hi-rez custom levels for some 3D game engine so I can explore freely with my BFG. (I grant you this would call for a level designer of Piranesi's genius. At least.) Also want another set of custom dungeon levels done in Paul Rudolph brutalism. (BFG still companion of choice.)

> have also built many of his pieces

Surely they didn't leave out all the instruments of torture? Can't find 'em.
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Thanks for this, adamvasco! A couple of additional web sources for the works of Piranesi are The Cooper Hewitt Archive, the Gallica Image Archive and the closely related Interactive Nolli and Vasi maps from the University of Oregon.
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