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Goodbye, Thursday productivity. Hello, 10 wonderful short films based on famous short stories.
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Oh, swell! Just to throw another one in the ring, this is an adaptation of Terry Bisson's Nebula-winning "They're Made Out Of Meat."
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I just tried "The Family That Dwelt Apart" - so now I know what E.B. White's voice sounded like. But it was an odd mixture of lighthearted animation and music with lots of people and other animals dying. (Metafilter: an odd...)
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As soon as I saw that one of them was Barthelme's 'The Balloon' I thought How on earth would you make a film out of that story? and then I watched it and it turns out they didn't, really.
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I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, the only film ever to win both an Oscar and an Emmy.
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The first part of the Ambrose Bierce trilogy-Chickamauga-still gives me chills ,years after watching it in Jr.High.
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I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Well, I posted it WITH SPOILERS 2 years ago.

There are also a bundle of short films based on "Tell-Tale Heart" (NO SPOILERS I PROMISE), but my all-time favorite is this animated version done in 1953 by UPA (the same animation studio that did Mr. Magoo & Gerald McBoingBoing). But then, I first saw it at a UPA retrospective show while sitting behind one of the original animators (yes, I got an autograph).
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I love seeing Harrison Bergeron.

I think I'd make a good handicapper general.
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