Angry Melting Zombie Face with Worms. Spinning. Also: Snakes.
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Ghosst(s) is a disturbing and intriguing animated video short by French artistic collective Lorn. [via]
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Any one frame would make for a good heavy metal album cover
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Thanks; I've really been enjoying Ask the Dust but hadn't seen this video yet. Just to clarify, though: the video was apparently made by some French folks, but Lorn is a musician from Milwaukee named Marcos Ortega.
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What jjoye said! Lorn is that guy... but just that guy; not "those dudes," for sure. (Although sometimes he does perform with the classically-trained and equally interesting adoptahighway)

Here's a short interview where he talks about his composition process (tl;dr: each of his samples is built and stacked for maximum effect... especially the drums).

Do you kind of like where the music is going, but think it would be better with vocals? Here's (mp3) Lorn's remix of Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole". Here's his take on Notorious B.I.G.'s "Suicidal Thoughts".
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Ninja Tune weirdness, represent!
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More Lorn, set to video: the "ambient-but-I-don't-call-it-ambient" track Slow Plummet, which was on Vimeo, but has since been deleted.
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Waitwaitwait -- Ask the Dust will also be released on REEL TO REEL? Damn, that is a bold move (and it's sold out!)!
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Looks nice. Doesn't do much.
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