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"Designed to be understood easily, these training videos are meant for new players and for those who want to see what's new in Final Showdown." As part of their promotion for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, released June 5/6 for PSN and XBLA, SEGA created surprisingly good tutorial videos to ease new players into the gameplay system of the latest iteration of AM2's Virtua Fighter series.

Interested in learning more? VFDC is the place to go, and there's also the almost 4 hour long UltraChenTV stream (split in two parts) with VF expert LA Akira giving more in-depth explanations of the game mechanics for beginners.

- 20 minute match between top Japanese players Chibita (the "God of Virtua Fighter") and Fuudo (EVO 2011 winner of the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament) at the VF5FS pre-launch party
- Video compilation of VF5FS special win poses
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You attack its weak point for massive damage...
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I know very little about VF but I been following Maximilian's week of VF5. There are 4 parts so far: 1 2 3 4
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Idea for Kickstarter-funded game: You know how every game has that annoying poorly balanced fighter that you can win with just by mashing the same buttons repeatedly? The ones people thriw the controller at younif you choose? this would be a mash up Battle Royale between ALL OF THEM.
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(I would of course have dibs on the Bruce Lee guy from Tekken.)
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You know how every game has that annoying poorly balanced fighter that you can win with just by mashing the same buttons repeatedly

Check out Dive kick, there are only 2 buttons dive and kick.
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This will go a long way towards improving my Virtua Fighter game, which consists of going online, figuring out how to throw a dude, having that throw interrupted as my opponent does literal cartwheels around me before launching me ass-first against a chain link fence for a perfect victory, going offline, and developing a drinking habit.
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The original Virtua Fighter was responsible for my finest arcade moment.

My local arcade got Virtua Fighter at about the same time they got two Mortal Kombat II cabinets. I had never really gotten into Mortal Kombat, and I was fascinated by 3D graphics, so while everyone in the arcade put their tokens down and waited for their turn at blood and gore and Fatalities, my arcade time was spent playing VF pretty much unmolested.

Eventually, the logic of the system clicked. I figured out how the low/mid/high attacks worked. Hit stun. Recovery times. How to chain combos. Pai's counters. I got to the point where I could get through the first three rounds of single player with my left hand behind my back. It was a good summer.

And then, slowly, people started to lose interest in MKII. I started having opponents, and more often then not, defeating them. Until one day, I showed up to the arcade and That Guy was posted up at the cabinet.

Every arcade had That Guy, the one who won so consistently at fighting games that he had a stool to sit on. Ours was the guy who managed the snow cone place at the other end of the mall. The one who dominated Street Fighter II to the point where he started playing as Dhalsim just to rub it in. The guy who had been dominating MKII for the last several months. And now he was standing in front of my machine and had a pretty respectable win streak. A crowd had gathered to watch That Guy master this new game that nobody else had really noticed until then.

I knew I could beat him. I set my token down on the cabinet, waited my turn, and watched.

I noticed that he (and everyone else) was playing the game like a 2d fighter, turtling with low blocks and chipping everyone down with Jacky's low K+G attack. That was his whole strategy. When my turn came I was ready. I immediately broke his block with a mid level kick and could feel his confused expression without having to look. I smiled. The match was over quickly. He put his toke down and waited for a rematch.

I think ended up defending that cabinet on a single token for something like two hours that day, eventually losing more because i was tired than as a result of anyone else developing any kind of srategy against me. I should have brought a stool.
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Another excellent video tutorial for VF5FS that would definitely have been part of the FPP if only it was already available at the time of posting. What I did forget to include, however, was a bonus link to this April Fools' Japanese commercial for the arcade game.
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EVO 2K12 stream.
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