Rosemary Mosco - naturalist & cartoonist
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Rosemary Mosco is a field naturalist who draws bird & nature comics: "bird and moon" (previously), "ghosts of the northeast woods", "bird sound mnemonics", "birds are gross", "evolution sucks". Her bi-weekly comic strip Wild Toronto ("It cleverly observed and taught us about the animals and plants that live in our city") ran on Torontoist for some months in 2008; she has an illustrated collection of 55-word stories as well (previously mentioned). Her website, flickr, & tumblr.
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Rosemary is a fantastic lady all around, and it's great to see her showcased here.
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I love this, thanks for posting it.
Turkey vulture IS awesome. It's funny, since I noticed a pigeons mangled foot a couple of years ago I look for and have noticed many many more mangled pigeon feet. There are so many that I thought it was some sort of genetic malformation coming though or something. Interesting to learn it's caused by our garbage.
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Oh man why doesn't Moon Bird God ever come visit me and give me all the seed I want when I'm feeling blue?
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Rosemary's art and sense of humor are frickin great; I love stuff like her Parts of the Bird one-panel comic and the one about Ruffled Grouses. Brilliant. And SO PRETTY!
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Fun; thanks for posting this.
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Seconding Moon Bird God visitation request.

Also, Ruffled Grouse is Aloha-From-Hawaii Elvis.
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The short stories are pretty nifty, too!
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The threat displays from non-threatening animals is great - "Beware. I have activated the fluffy ears"

The bird sounds one might actually help me finally learn my bird calls!
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These are wonderful and great. Thanks so much for sharing her work.
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I love these comics. I had a few of them on the door of my office in my first year of grad school - they were my contribution to the ever-growing collection of cartoons and miscellany that were on the door of the room all the first-year students share each year. Sadly, the entire collection was taken down to paint the hallways after I moved to a different office. I should put them up again on my new door. My personal favorite is the threat displays one, but I think for my lab it'll be photosynthesis and interrupted fern.
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I love this! Predictably, the kestrel one is my favorite so far.

Thanks again, barnacles, for the memail reminder/heads-up about this!
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Oh my god. I saved the last panel of bird and moon years ago, and totally forgot what it was from. Thank you! A piece of my personal Internet history has been restored to me!
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