This is one of the funniest office pranks
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This is one of the funniest office pranks I've seen in a while. A few months ago, I proposed filling a coworker's office with ballons, but the packing peanuts are much better (and funnier). [stolen from brig]
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That's cute and all (especially levelling the top layer--it's the little touches that count), but if you're going to fill and office (as opposed to a cube) with something, it really should be balloons. I do mean fill. Here's how:

Equipment: 1000 ballons that will inflate to just under 1 cubic foot (this will fill a 10x12x8 office), 20 helpers with good lungs (or an air compressor), 1 playmate or larger cooler, and a couple quarts of liquid nitrogen, 1 small fan on a timer.

Procedure: dump the nitrogen into the cooler. Don't put and body part into it. Start blowing up balloons and slowly drop them into the cooler. You'll want to. They will appear to deflate. About 1.5 hours later (this is how long it should take 20 people to inflate 1000 balloons), carefully decant the excess nitrogen and put the cooler into the victim's office. Set up the fan on a timer to blow air into the cooler. You really want it on a timer, because it will get buried eventually. Shut the door and see if you can wait until morning.

As the nitrogen evaoprates, the balloons will thaw and return to inflated size. Since there's about 980 cubic feet of balloons, the office should get filled flooe to ceiling, less a few balloons lost due to breakage.
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Seems dangerous. What if somebody (victim, building services) encounters the LN without knowing what they're dealing with?
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Freebie slash-i:
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Where I work, about 3 trashbags full of paper get shredded every day, and they just sit in the hallway for several hours until the recycle-guys come pick them up. Last April Fool's day, some of my coworkers plotted well ahead and gathered scores of these bags for weeks. Then, late March 31, they filled our boss's office with the shredded paper. We have real offices here, so once they had filled the room as much as they could without closing the door, they removed the acoustic tiles from the ceiling and literally filled the office to the top with this stuff. When he came into work, we all watched as he started to open the door, and ultimately had to push pretty hard to compress the paper enough to get it open.

Luckily, we didn't have much real work to do that day, as we spent all morning cleaning it up. It was worth it, though.
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What I find interesting isn't the prank. It's the little digital eraser they used to remove the person's individual nametag from the cubicle. Hilariously enough, to protect the "innoncent" they erased whatever was individualistic about the office space to document it.

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