"Microchips. Lots of them. Implanted in the brains of consumers."
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WE VS. THE NIGHT(Vimeo): 'Three longboarders flex down a winding mountain face in the cold of the night, equipped with nothing but a couple headlamps to tear through the darkness. As they battle their way through each turn, they fall deeper into an un-explored realm of stoke.'

Longboarding:Let Go(Youtube): 'Kyle Chin skates from top to bottom down a beautiful hill in Outerspace.'

Longboarding:SLIDE(Youtube): 'High speed sliding in super slow motion.'

Longboarding NYC: Broadway Bomb 2010(Youtube): 'Longboarding's premiere pushrace takes over New York City for the 10th year in a row.'
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Great post - just the word 'longboard' reminds of how lastingly in love I fell with the women in this video by Juan Rayos
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I keep threatening to buy one of these gorgeous boards from Loyal Dean but then I realize I'm almost 50 and that seems wrong.
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We vs the Night is breathtaking...the filming, content matter and music (a song by Glass Kite?).

I must do this.
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Those "Betty" headlamps from Lupine Lighting Systems in Germany simply can't be beat. I'm wearing six right now while I'm writing this comment.
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longbarding post.
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Jofus, that is great!
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As a wimpy ol' flatlander, I already think guys who bomb hills are kind of insane. Doing it in the dark, even with headlamps, qualifies as "completely batshit insane."
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Nothing but some headlamps? Which are used to see in the dark?

As they battle their way through each turn, they fall deeper into an un-explored realm of stoke.' ::GaaaGGGggg::
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This comment brought to you by Stella Lager, Apple and Sony.
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As a teenager I used do something similar while BMXing. We would flip our brake quick releases and bomb through the woods at night without any lights. You could only just barely make out the gravel path we rode on but mostly you followed the guy just in front of you. We did this until one day the entire group followed the lead rider right off a 4 foot drop into a river. It makes a good story now but at the time it was shockingly unpleasant to be part of a 8 BMXer pile up in ice cold running water.

Now in my forties, I both look back and marvel that I have made it this far mostly intact.

Protip- bats suck at detecting cyclists. I have had bats hit me in the head while riding in the woods at night. So when you feel the thud - that is probably what it was instead of being Jason.
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In the early '70's, a group of us with the encouragement of several genre of drugs, got in the habit of going up to the Angeles Crest Highway above LA in the middle of the night and skateboarding down the canyons. Four of five people riding, one person coasting behind with headlights.

Back then, in order to get trucks and wheels what would withstand this, we had to go into Inglewood or Compton to the skate rinks to get the wheels. (A set of Shure-Grip wheels would last a night, and no more.)

We also scouted out the new hillside housing tracts in LA, from Palos Verdes to Diamond Bar and beyond, and did daytime runs in those, again with someone coasting behind in a car.

We talked to many law enforecment officers during this, but never got arrested. One helpful officer, who told us to go away from the housing tract we were skaking down, recommended that we go to this dam wash a few miles away. We were stoked, but realized, once getting there, that this guy meant to kill us.

We soon realized that ski gloves and elbow pads would be a help.

A friend's dad made sort of a re-creation of this, which has made it onto YouTube. The actual speeds and distances were much greater.
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