Love the dolphins, write by W.A.S.T.E.
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And remember to report all obscene mail to your Potsmaster!
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The 'communication' link should really be to here, as the one in the post just leads to some kind of sign-up/login page without any content.
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I learned how to shave by reading The Crying of Lot 49. And there sure were a lot of muted trumpets appearing in my various neighborhoods for a while there.
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I learned what a band pass filter was by reading V.
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Seriously chavenet, stop messing with me. I was in BN today having them troubleshoot my son's nook, and he (son) was asking me what fiction I liked since I (and he) pretty much read non-fiction these days. So I told him I know exactly what book he should read this summer, and found it on the computer as being in stock. But it wasn't on the shelf, go figure that, so I went back to the computer to make sure that it really was in stock and realized that, though it erroneously said it was available, it also noted that it was available as an eBook. How strange, I thought, it was not available in the medium last year when was looking for myself. (second link above). I told him I would get it for him tomorrow when we picked up the replacement nook. The funny thing is that the very same day metafilter, like the muted horn, keeps showing up. My kids (a bunch of teens) will mention something and at least once a week there was a relevant FPP post related to the topic in the previous 24 hours (we had seriously discussed cat facial recognition in family photos) and they are starting to worry because either I am part of a gigantic time-wasting confederacy or ... somehow the collective mind here is tuned in to something much bigger that we are experiencing almost daily. The Nefastis Engine, anyone?
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Why am I not surprised that one of them's just off Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg?
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The first time I read lot 49 my friends & I started leaving muted post horns all over campus. It wasn't long before we were seeing horns that we knew we didn't draw, & we thought we had discovered a real secret mailing system…
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By coincidence (or not) I am reading this right now.
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When I moved to Germany I was shocked to find that the Deutsche Post logo includes a horn.
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First Pynchon I read was Lot 49, back when I was an undegrad. Stayed up all night reading it, mind on fire. When morning came I staggered out of the dorm and found a post horn scrawled over a mailbox. Which was good enough.
But then I made it to my Renaissance Drama class. The elderly, calm, soothing prof started class like so: "Today I'd like to begin class with a short reading from a Thomas Pynchon novel." I think I levitated right out of my chair.
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