Come for the raining fish, stay for the funeral beer
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Isle of Spagg... On the other side of the Vertic Sea where things are distinctly fishier, lives the proud fisherman Inger and his half-mermaid (but not the half you'd expect) daughter Herring. When the least respected old character on the island dies, conflict ensues and a favorite garment is ruined. Meanwhile two haberdashers with a checkered past deal with their own loss. Can Dr. Beez or one of the Oracles help? Can the Isle's 15 minstrels make music to make things better? And what about little Claude? It all happens in a 30 minute cartoon from the Brothers McLeod, Greg and Myles, who have also animated (scroll down for video clips) Fuggy Fuggy for MTV, Pablo and Frankensheep and Quiff and Boot for the BBC, Billy for the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Existential Pleading of the Inner Heart for anybody who wants it and other very random stuff.
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Just watched the "Billy" cartoons and looking forward to watching more of these tomorrow morning. Thank you!
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Oh god, the Isle of Spagg is brilliant! Cute, sentimental, but also a little vulgar and wicked. It's like Nickelodeon, but not as relentlessly happy. Oh, and the little boy who never gets the lolly he wants! A masterpiece.

For the curious, the minstrels at the funeral are named after a British sheep-counting rhyme. The words are corrupted pronunciations of numbers in some Celtic language.
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"Isle of Spagg" is great fun. Glad I came back to watch it!
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"Isle of Spagg"--yes!

I almost didn't watch it, but am glad I did.
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