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Action Half-Life is a multiplayer modification that focused on cinematic gun-play. The game featured maps by Hondo, who was famous for incorporating massive puzzles in to his levels. These sprawling mysteries are explored by YouTube user bobandalot through narrative walkthroughs uploaded to his channel.

The levels that he's uploaded so far:
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I played a significant amount of Action Quake 2 way back when. It was like a proto counterstrike but with throwing knives you had to pick back up and the ability to kick people off buildings.
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Akimbo 1911s!

/dives backwards and rolls around helplessly.
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God I loved that mod.
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Two years ago, and you have more links than the other post, so not a dupe.
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I'm really excited for the future of gaming and popular culture. Has 'Ready Player One' happened yet!? Is there a great game that has secrets and glory awaiting us? Does it require us to be familiar with old-school games and popular culture history? If so, I'm ready.
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I deduce that download links never appear unless you're running windows?
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Your previously link is the 2nd link in this post. And for that I crowbar you.
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Nah - king fu kick off a roof is Action style.
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I feel like you're underselling Action Quake 2, which is like Action Half-Life except without the horrible internet lag that multiplayer Half-Life suffered from.
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See also Urban Terror. A mod made originally from the Quake3 engine that has developed quite a community over the last 10+ years, and no longer requires a license. Available in PC, Mac, & Linux flavors.
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Loved that mod. We used to do lan parties and get 8 guys together to figure out these puzzles, spent days on some of them.

I was a slippers and hand cannon kind of guy myself. I swear you could watch your opponent soil themselves over the internet when you came diving through the window with both barrels of buckshot blasting.

Oh, and the bunny hop strafe jump speed boost + knifes = fun.
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Knives as Danny Trejo.
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This is fascinating. I've never played Hondo's maps, but the Halfquake series of mods for HL1 (which I really enjoyed back in the golden days of HL1 modding) seem to be made of the same fabric. There's also one that was released a couple of years ago for the Source engine, called Halfquake Sunrise (though I haven't played it yet). Check them out!
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How interesting - I played the mod a bit back in the day, but never knew about this stuff. Thanks for the post, I'll be checking these out a bit later, and may explore a bit myself.
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5AM is some David Lynch shit.

The dry commentary doesn't hurt either.

(Also, from reading IRC logs I found from the previously, it would appear Hondo is still involved in the games industry, I would love to know what he is doing)
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There was another mod similar to Action Half-Life called "The Professionals". Bullet time, drop your empty pistols and grab your backup set... Very Matrix lobby fight scene.
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There was also The Specialists, which still had a few people playing last I checked. That one was my favorite because it was the first game I'm aware of that had bullet-time in multiplayer. The most recent Max Payne does something similar... almost a decade later.
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