Solo hay que saber mirar.
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Horacio Coppola has died aged 105.
He was the great master of Argentine photography of the twentieth century, and of Buenos Aires in the thirties.
Here is a video of his work, and some stills and some more.
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The post title is from today's obituary in El Pais:
“A veces, las cosas están ahí, otras hay que esperarlas. Solo hay que saber mirar”.
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I find photos like this fascinating - I'd not come across his work before, thanks for the post. It always love it when I can see an image taken 80 years ago and recognise instantly exactly where it's taken from.

I had someone on the tour last year who had a photo of his father taken when he visited Buenos Aires in the 1940s. He showed it to me on the off-chance I would be able to tell him where it was. The cafe he was stood outside is still there and I recognised it straight away. We went to see the spot and were able to take a picture of the son in the same spot as the father 70 years later. Strangely the guy seem as impressed by it as I was.
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Did not know of him. Thanks for the introduction - And go on him for his long signficant life.
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In 1929, Coppola published his first photographs in the book Evaristo Carriego, by his friend Jorge Luis Borges, and these two images portray the Buenos Aires barrio — the mythical Borgian Palermo

As a Borges fan now I know why I feel and connection to the shadows within many of these photographs.
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Amazing work. Thank you for this.
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