States of Failure 2012
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The 2012 Foreign Policy/Fund for Peace list of Failed States has been published. Included in the report is the visually arresting Postcards from Hell. The complete issue on failed states is here. (Warning, slide shows and articles broken into far too many pages). (2010 Failed States Index on Mefi. 2009)

The concept of a Failed State is not without controversy. Some states dispute their failed status. (Although the Republic of South Sudan is not included in the FP list, Sudan, which by the description includes both countries, is.)

Besides the yearly issue from FP, a library of articles about failed states can be found here, including articles on "Responsibility to Protect", a resolution adopted by the UN in 2005 (updated in 2009), that specifies that when states fail, the international community as a whole has a responsibility to protect the citizens of the failed state.
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Postcards from Hell on a single page (slightly less hellish).
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Initial nitpick on the map behind the second link: they seem to offer a fine nuance between "stable" (France) and "most stable" (Germany), but lump a whole bunch of disparate situations into one big lump of "critical". Philippines and Somalia in the same category? Really? And North Korea too? But the distinction between the Netherlands and Belgium was significant enough to call out?

Also, maybe it's just me, but I'm seeing dark green German/Dutch/Scandinavian countries surrounded by light green countries that are just "stable". Cultural bias creeping in?

(Controversy/dispute links are probably interesting, haven't looked that far yet.)
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Russia and China are on the borderline, but Greece is stable? Oh, FP, you are adorable.
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Ha; I'm moving to a 'critical' country in a couple months! Hope my mom doesn't get wind of this.... I'll never hear the end of it. (Kenya's certainly no Sudan, though it does suffer from being next door...)
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(Actually meant to say Somalia, there, but proximity to Sudan isn't great, either...)
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I've never been a fan of FP. Articles like "World's Top Ten Dictators" and "World's MOST FAILED States" are just kind of hard to take seriously.
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failblog: States Edition.
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I've never been a fan of FP. Articles like "World's Top Ten Dictators" and "World's MOST FAILED States" are just kind of hard to take seriously.

My all time fave:

"Ten Sexy Tips Guaranteed to Increase your Potentate's Potency When the Light Go Out"
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They need an extra category, to distinguish "critical" from "FUBAR". Philippines and Bolivia shouldn't be in the same cohort as Somalia, Yemen, or Haiti.
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Executive summary: All the non-Balkan, non-Russian white people countries are stable, plus Japan and Argentina. Everyone else is in DANGER.

And people say FP is ethnocentric!
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Man, that map is sloppy. I understand wanting to forgo evaluating Western Sahara, and Taiwan is a special case, but Greenland? French Guiana? LABRADOR?
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