Little Bear Fire
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Incredible time-lapse video of the Little Bear fire near Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Cody Willard's blog entry with additional info about the fire.
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Between this fire and the Whitewater Baldy complex fire, just under 340,000 acres of beautiful New Mexico forest has gone up in smoke.

Right now humidity is practically non-existent and fire index is at "extreme". Let's hope the monsoons bring plenty of rain soon.
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It's so frustrating to see such large portions of the areas I grew up backpacking and camping in just burning burning burning.

And apparently this is only going to get worse as time goes on. The balance has been tipped, and this is the result.
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Let's hope the monsoons bring plenty of rain soon.

And very little lightning.
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Wow. I spent a couple nights on top of Monjeau Peak 16 years ago on a "finding myself" jouney through the American southwest. Really hard to watch that beautiful country burn.
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