The Sex Is In The Heel
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What is Cyndi Lauper doing to follow up her brilliant, well-received (and award winning) 2010 album Memphis Blues? Why, she's writing a musical! A stage adaptation of the charming UK film Kinky Boots which will be opening in Chicago later this year, with an anticipated move to Broadway in 2013. Eager for a preview? EW is hosting a sneak peek of the track The Sex Is In The Heel (scroll down for player), and the track will be available for free download at the musical's website starting tomorrow. Lauper will also be performing the track live at the NYC Pride Parade this weekend, where she will be Grand Marshall.
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....This all kind of makes total sense.
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Kinky Boots: the Musical? I like it. And I'm not typically a fan of musicals.
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Will she riff from Bette Midler (or Kirsty MacColl's!) versions of "In These Shoes"?
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This was cool
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... also bloodying up pro wrestlers by misusing a prop during a callback to a 1985 appearance.
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Chiwetel Ejiofor was great in the movie. And it was nice to see The Operative's softer side.
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I love Cyndi Lauper.
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Just came in to say: I love Cyndi Lauper.
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Gotta also love her for this --

Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors Residence’ A Dream Come True For LGBT Youth
Pop star Cyndi Lauper shed tears all throughout the ceremony dedicating True Colors Residences, New York state's first permanent supportive housing facility for LGBT youth in Harlem Friday.

And then she stood up and channelled all that emotion into powerful a capella version of the 1986 hit song the $11 million facility is named after.

"I believe a strong society is an inclusive society. If we want to win big then we'd better include everybody because we need everybody," said Lauper, a co-founder of the facility and outspoken gay rights activist.
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She is awesome, and the movie was fun. This could be fabulous!
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Searching for tickets; only finding:

Groups of 15+ now on sale! 312-977-1710

Very tempted to go to IRL with this.
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Cyndi Lauper was the grand marshall for the Pegasus Parade here in Louisville last month, and she dropped the f-bomb on live TV. It was awesome.
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I missed the last album and the tour but it looks like this will be a good time to pick up on being a Cyndi Lauper fan again.
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"Girls just wanna have fun" is one of the handful of songs I happened to hear for the first time while driving that made me pull over to the side of the road and stop so as not to have to waste even a nanogram of attention on anything but listening (and grinning, and thinking OMG song has #1 hit written ALL OVER it.)
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I once found a really cool version of 'Time After Time', recorded by... Miles Davis. It was really good, and not just because of Miles. I think it is on an album called 'Ballads', or something. But well worth the price of admission.
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The Sex is in the Heel is a pretty good track, and probably will grow on me with time.

I still think her version of "I Drove all Night" is both the best and erotic as heck. There's something about her voice that sells the idea of a long-distance love affair fueled by desire, cheez-its, and gas-station coffee better Orbison or Dion.
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Damn straight I love Cyndi Lauper. She's awesome.
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She is the BEST.
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What I love about Cyndi Lauper is how varied her career has been, and how she consistently continues to do stellar work even if it doesn't always receive wide public attention. Her dance album Bring Ya To The Brink was excellent material excellently executed. That Memphis Blues album -- if you don't own it, buy it today. It's shockingly good, and not at all the crappy gimmick release you might think it is hearing about it without hearing it. Her Christmas album is a zydeco party, and A Night To Remember is an ignored classic.

Seriously, I could have a pretty well-rounded and satisfying music library if all I had was the 11 studio albums Lauper has released since she started recording as a solo artist 30 years ago.

I keep my eye out for opportunities to see her live, too. She's a force of nature on the stage, and has a voice that will shock and enchant anyone who only knows her from her first two albums. Maturity and practice have made it a mellow instrument capable of nearly anything by this point.
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LOVE her.
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There were two great music celebrity slugouts in the late 70's/early 80's: Prince vrs. Michael Jackson and Madonna vrs. Cyndi Lauper. And the wrong side won both times.

But there's irony in battles. To the victors belong the endless imitations watering down their brands, to the losers—immortality.
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I like Jackson and Madonna also. But while Madonna wrote a lot of good songs about doing it with other people, Lauper wrote a revolutionary and amazing song about doing it with yourself. She Bop sticks out for being just plain fun, and not about being desperate to hook up.
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I have never been prouder that She's So Unusual was the first record I bought with my own money. Hail Cyndi!
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I love Cyndi. That is all.
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Cyndi's Wikipedia page just informed me that she sang the "Pee Wee's Playhouse" theme song. Everything connected to that situation just became exponentially more awesome.
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Yes, and it's one of those things that once you know it, you can never hear it and not think "how did I not realize that...even as an uninformed kid?"
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This was cool

Cyndi Lauper singing in the airport had a thread here last year. Yeah, pretty cool.
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Oh, thanks for the reminder! I loved that post!
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Just a reminder, the song Sex Is In The Heel is now available as a free download at the Kinky Boots The Musical website. (May require a manual reload if you loaded the page yesterday, will require an email address.)
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And today is her birthday! Happy birthday, Cyndi! Rock on!
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