Shooting 2001
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Shooting 2001

A collection of black and white production stills from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey [via]
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As the page was loading I was thinking 'I'm pretty sure I've seen these photos before' because there's the one that I remember of the monolith on the moon with a bunch of crew people standing in front of it. But in fact I've never seen any of these before. So: neat.

Also: It's interesting to see how HAL's control room was oriented in space for shooting. It had never even occurred to me to wonder about that before, so complete is the illusion of the film.
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Here is a still of Kubrick practicing his DJ moves in between takes.
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The chicken wire is to protect him in case HAL throws things.
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I just bought a screaming new 60 inch HD TV and this was the first blu ray I threw in my PS3. Still so good after so many years.
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Here is a still of Kubrick Conway Malkovich being dragged off to the clink by a couple of coppers.
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I've re-watched 2001: A Space Odyssey twice in the last few years, inspired by Metafilter posts. As I look through these pictures, I'm glad I'm working from home tomorrow in case that urge strikes me again.
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Some of these look rather familiar...
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You'll never make the cut.
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I would recommend this profile of Kubrick in the New Yorker written as 2001 was being filmed.
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These photos are a real treat. Thank you, BP.
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If any film has aged gracefully, it's this one. That design esthetic still looks fantastic - and is still lending inspiration even today.
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What a buzz. Now open the pod bay doors, HAL.
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I remember reading The Lost Worlds of 2001 as a kid and thinking it was pretty cool. And I love the cover graphic.
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Is there video to go along with this? Based on the shots of these sets, would love to see a making of documentary.
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