Doot do do doo do doot do do do dooooo
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Kame Chan is a cockatiel that likes to sing. The Chocobo theme! Zelda! Victory!
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This is such a beautiful idea Suppose you reincarnate as a bird, but you have memories of your past life as a human. What do you do?

You can sing. Birds can sing. They can mimic a wide variety of sounds.

So that's what I would do. If I were reincarnated as a bird I would perch by your windowsill in the morning, and I would chirp Classics From the Seventies. Slowly you would awaken. "Is that Led Zeppelin?" your mind would think, still half-asleep, but then you would dismiss it. "No, it's just a bird chirping, somewhere on the morning." And you would drift back into a deeper sleep, the better to catch those last few hours you need before you get up and get to work, and I will stay there, on your windowsill and keep whistling "Stairway to Heaven".
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Has anyone ever seen birds singing along with their humans? I wondered; every time Kame Chan's human tried to join in, or even just answer, he/she got squawked at. "It's my song and I'm gonna sing it. Solo. Quiet, human. Time for my close up."
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He clearly considers the chocobo theme some sort of birthright, and those are squawks of cultural appropriation.
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Cockatiel sings Twisted Nerve
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That is so sweet! I have seen his videos before in hopes of teaching my cockatiel, Muffin, but he always ends up going back to his wild "PEEPER PEEPER PEEPER" when he realizes that Kill Bill and Happy Birthday are too hard!

"It's my song and I'm gonna sing it. Solo. Quiet, human. Time for my close up."

This is SO TRUE! I once spent a day practicing a presentation out loud and Muffin was very squawky. I always picture that if he could talk, it would be like a foul mouthed Elmo :-D
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I find it amusing that I knew exactly what the Victory theme would sound like. :-)
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more head-banging tunes you can rock out to!
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This one absolutely killed me -- Sunny the cockatiel sings the theme from "The Addams Family," complete with finger snaps.
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Andy Griffith?
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