Peter Gentenaar: Sculptor in Paper
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These pictures of Petere Gentenaar's large sculptural paper flowers floating in the Abbey Church of Saint-Riquier are fantastic.

If you want more, there's the gallery of paper art on his website (which is auto-translated from Dutch into English by Google and therefore sometimes delightfully incomprehensible), or the tumblr posts tagged with his name which have more pictures from the Church, in addition to his other work.
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It's uncanny the number of cut paper super-sculpture installations popping up around the web.

Mia Pearlman uses basic acid-free drawing paper applying abstract linear shapes in India ink, and then cuts these out.

Jill Sylvia hand-cuts the negative spaces between grids on ledger paper to create structures, balance sheets, and reconstructions.
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The paper medium is beautiful and very cool, but also isn't what grabs me so much about this. I like the art in place; it has that same modern/phenomenon sense of interaction between the art object and the installation space as Anish Kapoor's Leviathan.
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How beautiful, I imagine at night, with only moonlight coming through the window, would look rather spooky.
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These are great and are even better by being in this setting. Needs the ethereal tag.
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Omg, I'm on metafilter! I wrote that SFCB post!

I also did a post on Jill Sylvia, who netbros mentioned. (Also, Jill Sylvia works in San Francisco herself.)

Other paper artists I've written about on the blog: Stuart McLachlan; Sheung Yee Shing; Verena Sieber-Fuchs; Simone Lourenco; Mia Liu; and of course Su Blackwell. A

carsonb, I agree, the space is a huge part of why I find this compelling. I think the forms of the sculpture work to echo and reinforce the amazing space too. (I was very excited to add the tag "groin vault" to the SFCB Blog!)

SF Mefites, I recommend checking out the Center for the Book! Here's a post about the exhibit they have right now.
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I had the pleasure of visiting Peter at his studio last year- stockpiled with lots of his works, hanging from the ceiling and pretty much filling up all the available open space above head level. It was really impressive to me.

He built his own giant vacuum table to sheet form his works- it's huge! I have never drooled over papermaking equipment as much as I did that table.

He also makes and sells his own improved version of the Hollander beater, which is quite popular with papermakers worldwide.

I love these paper art posts, even though as an origami artist I still have problems with cutting paper :)
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Ohhhh how beautiful. These remind me of Victor Horta's work in a way. Very Art Nouveau.
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