Top DEA agent won’t admit heroin more harmful than marijuana
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In her defence, this is kind of like asking a parent which of their children they love the most.
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Well, at least she delivered her absolutist and non-nuanced viewpoint with cold, lifeless eyes.
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I'm actually kind of heartened that the top DEA agent is apparently a complete moron. If I'm going to pick a federal law enforcement agency to put the idiots in, it's the DEA, the War on Drugs being the sisyphean task it always was.

I suppose we could stop putting complete morons in charge of anything, but come on, this is the American government we're talking about.
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Also in her defense, she's a mid level official who is not going to take any stance other than the one she did. If you want to blame anyone at this moment for our country's illogical stand regarding pot, you need to point at the top, not the middle.
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The cartels she mentions in one of the clips have killed over 50,000 people over the past six years.
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“Is crack worse for a person than marijuana?” Polis, who has called for an end to marijuana prohibition, asked.

“I believe all illegal drugs are bad,” Leonhart responded.

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you need to point at the top, not the middle.

Too busy -- eating cake
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I'd argue that she simply refused to answer the question, and should be held in contempt just as surely as if she'd said "nyah nyah nyah" instead.
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He knew what answer he was going to get, and if the roles were reversed it would have gone exactly the same. It's all theater. His job is to look tough, hers is not to say anything that can be turned into a damaging sound bite, no matter how dumb it makes her sound at the hearing (which nobody's watching anyway).
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