Chéri Herouard and La Vie parisienne
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Two Flickr sets of 295 illustrations and 103 illustrations each (plus three more illustrations), by French artist Chéri Herouard who is most famous for his work for "naughty French magazine" La Vie parisienne from 1907 to his death. You can find some high quality scans from La Vie parisienne and more information about the magazine at Darwination Scans. Quite a few of the images are not safe for work. [via Kate Beaton]
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How "Lynchian"...
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David Lynch jokes aside, the LVP covers are absolutely sublime!
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gimonica, check out Beaton's latest "Hark, a vagrant", which has some great modern takes on similar illustrations from The Idler. I can't link to an individual one, but you should really scroll down to "Lured men to destruction".
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Ahhh. Mucha meets Vargas.
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La Vie Parisienne cosplay? I would like to see that.
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One of the best parts of those illustrations is the captions that accompany them, that sadly are not legible on most of them.
This one is an example of the puns they get up to:
Je suis coiffeuse de la Reine
C'est un grand honneur mais je crois
Que vous sauriez, beau capitaine
Bien mieux encor, coiffer le Roi!

Loosely translated as "I am the Queen's hairdresser, it's a great honour for me, but I would think that you, handsome captain, would be an even better hairdresser for the King!". You just have to add to that that 'coiffer' is also a term that implies making the King a cuckold.
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Excellent find, Katullus -thanks!

Herouard worked for Pierrot until 1952 - oh my! The world in these illustrations and the 1950s seem so far apart.

I guess when dressing involved many-layered, intricate dresses, cherub helpers were a must. And this saucy one looks like it might have been a a precursor to the the Art Frahm clothing distress style of pinup.
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... damn.

I like how most of the male figures are nasty ole satyrs. He knows me....

Also, Art Frahm needs to broaden his horizons a bit.
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Wonderful. thanks Katullus.
But the images are so small it's frustrating.
In our day and age of scanners, bandwidth and high def screen, I don't understand why people keep uploading small pics.
It's just teasing.
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Thank you - I love everything about these!
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Wonderful! Thanks for introducing me to a new "one of my favorites artists"!
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