Tokoyo Rose
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Tokoyo Rose We've all heard of her, how many actually know what or who she really was? There were over 20 "Rose's", one got screwed over. If you think you know what the story was, you should read up, you're prolly wrong. Iva Toguri was a real patriot of the USA who got stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think it's a facinating story, racsim, sexism and one woman who in her own way fought for the USA while being kept by the enemy. Talk about getting the shaft!
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great story. you don't hear about this stuff in the people's history, bill kurtis is amazing!

did a little follow-up reading. you can email Iva Toguri here. also found this documentary for anyone interested. (kinda expensive)

oh, and this wacky analysis of her 60 minutes interview :)
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