Roof Dogs
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Dogs on Roofs: a Flickr pool.
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Sells it
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I'm really glad Flickr says "fetching more photos."
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Just what it says, and just as awesome as I would have expected!
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Dogs in Elk.
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That kind of non-roofdog photo inclusion is horribly akin to the vicious anarchy seen on tumblr when people tag photos of adult cats as "kittens".
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Sponsored by Romney for President, Inc.
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When I was in a really rural part of Costa Rica, people (maybe one guy?) used to put dogs on roofs after parties. So the next day there would be a dog on the sort of straw veranda overlooking the door/windows. Apparently the dogs thought it was 'fun' but seeing as how they couldn't get down, I found that kind of hard to believe. Regular voluntary dogs on roofs are cute though. Especially on top of old cars in polaroid shots.
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Dogs on Woofs, surely.

And don't call me Shirley...
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Sells it

Looks like it's also a tough job to be a dog on roofs moderator. People keep posting them!!! Not on roofs!!
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Sponsored by Romney for President, Inc.

Yeah, credit to Gail Collins's half-decade long obsession with Seamus for making me expect to see dogs on car roofs despite the word 'car' appearing nowhere in the post.
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One you get what I am trying to say, I'll then jump down and start rubbing on the outside of this tree!
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Dog, get down from there. You do not belong on the roof, etc.
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chat sur le toit
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I thought they were going to be on car roofs. I'm disappointed.
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Dog on roof.
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When I was a kid, I heard scraping and rustling in the upstairs of my house but nobody was there. Freaked me out for I was sure it was haunted. Turned out my airedale had just found a way onto the roof.

"Go down dog! Do not play up there! Go down!"
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What is the victory of a dog on a roof?

Just chilling up there I guess. Chilling and taking in the view for as long as he can.
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goethean: "chat sur le toit"

I've added my own photo of a cat on a warm tin roof.
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hopefully to be followed up by cats in catacombs
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The best reason for a dog house is to hang out up on the roof.
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And frankly, I speak from a position of authority on this... Roof.
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Flickr: "fetching more photos"
Me: "good boy, now drop it...

drop it...

I'm not going to throw that photo back unless you drop it."
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I have no idea how these people got their dogs wedged on their roofs, or why.
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I like this post. This is a happy post! I need a happy post today.

There is one dog, with spaghetti fur, that looks a bit anxious up on his roof, and I would feel even better if hebacked away from the edge a little, but other than that, yay, happy post!
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MeFi member Ensign Lunchmeat and I got married at a friend's house in 2007. My mother never remembers our anniversary, but she'll simply not shut up about how funny and great it was that my friend's dog was standing on their roof as the ceremony ended. My wedding was completely upstaged by a rover on a roof.
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Current discussion: Why are dogs not of roof's being posted ??????????
samboraki says:
Whats going on , where is the control ?????????

kbrinner says:
I have no idea. I am one of the moderators and I check it at least once a week and there are always pictures to delete. We have the description posted in several different languages, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I don't know what else to say...people aren't good at following instructions I guess.

MiniS2010 says:
All I can do is reiterate what someone asked previously:
What part of "on Roofs" do people not understand?

X-99 says:
Why this absurd condition? Dogs on roof only? Why? What purpose does it solve?

mjw... says:
Does it have to solve something? Why? What?
What could be more natural than dogs on roofs? Or is that rooves?

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X-99 says:
Why this absurd condition? Dogs on roof only? Why? What purpose does it solve?

Little things like this drive me wild with despair over the increasing stupidity of the human race. IT IS DOGS ON ROOFS ONLY BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE GROUP IS FOR. Literally the entire rest of the internets can be for dogs not on roofs or other animals on roofs or anything and everything ever that any person could ever imagine.
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Dogs on Woofs, surely.

That's a bit ruff.
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Christopher Reid has a wonderful bark-rhyming poem called "Two Dogs on a Pub Roof." ("One's called Garth, the other Rolf. / Both are loud — but I don't think they're all mouth.") It's too long for me to reproduce here, and I can't find a copy on the web.
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This post fills me with utter joy.
On my husband's and my standard driving route home from Trader Joe's, there are a few blocks filled with warehouses, light industrial, and commercial buildings. There was a building that had a dog and dog house on the roof - complete with its own little shelter built over it, and platforms for the dog to hang out on when the weather was nice, and a ramp behind it to its owner's house, which was two pre-fab homes stacked on top of each other. The dog was probably a black Lab (hard to tell when you're just driving by and have to look up), but we looked for him on every TJ's trip and we'd chorus, "Roof dog!" every time we saw him, and worried about him when the weather was bad.
One day, the building was gone. Not the dog house, but the building it was on, and the pre-fabs. The lot was empty, except for the dog house sitting in the middle behind the fence. The next week, that was gone too.
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Our neighbors across the street own a pomeranian who is occasionally allowed to sit on the house's upstairs porch. My boyfriend has taken to calling this the dog's "trap house".
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Woah, yeah this was posted five years ago! Hopefully the same baaad wittuw puppies, yes you are baaaad..haven't been stuck on the same roofs for five years, have they...yes you have, good boy, come on, come down...::whistle:: :WHISTLE:: Pllleeeeaaasseeee.
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